Cowboy Running Cadence

May 15th, 2004  

Topic: Cowboy Running Cadence

The Cowboy

Hey, Hey, what do you say,
I'm goin' to the rod-e-o today.

I drew a bad bull, heard he was a bear,
But I can hang for 8, so I just don't care.

Tie up, bear down, sittin' on my bull,
I'm just waitin' for the gate to pull.

Out from the chute blows my old ride,
It's a wonder that I'm still alive.

Just right then the 8 seconds pass,
I jump right off of that bull's ass.

Quick, turn around and what do I see?
That old bull come a-chargin' at me.

I pull a cut-down 12-gauge from my hip,
And send that bull on a little trip.

I'm the meanest cowboy that you ever did see,
U.S. Army Infantry!
May 15th, 2004  
May 15th, 2004  
how'dee cowboy didn't know that one
May 20th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Marksman
how'dee cowboy didn't know that one

That one must be a new one. I have never heard of that one either
May 20th, 2004  
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