Court: Boy can't join girls' gym team - Page 2

October 7th, 2009  
Originally Posted by Nina
"You can't let girls have it their way and then not let the boys have the same thing."

I agree with that one. Fairness..simple fairness.

If the rules at some point were allowed to change for someone..others in the future will want the same treatment... makes sense.
This is a great demonstration of the utter stupidity of Political correctness. It's nothing at all to do with fairness, it's all about interpretation of the English language.

A Girl's team can only have Girls in it.
A Boy's team can only have Boys in it.
If for ant reason, you have both sexes in a team, it immediately becomes a mixed team, and is no longer a "Girls" or "Boys" team.

It's a completely different matter if The Umlaut und Gestetner Beer Drinking and Band Marching Society, has previously only ever accepted male members and they then decide to allow females to join,... because nowhere, does the name state that it is purely a Male or Female group.

It's all very simple really.

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