Couple of russians mottos

December 4th, 2015  

Topic: Couple of russians mottos

Airborne forces VDV: "Nobody, but us"
"There is VDV, and there no impossible orders"
"From the sky to the ground ... and to the battle!"
Marines: "There, where we are, there is victory"
Special Forces of Russian Navy: "Duty, Honor, Courage"
Lotto of pilots: "Higher and higher and higher!"
Lotto of tankmans: "Our armor is strong and our tanks are fast"
Air defence: "We don't fly, and don't let to others"
Strategic Rocket Forces : "After us - only silence"

108-th separate engineer battalion of the 93rd Division: "Mistake - death!"
35th separate company Electronic Warfare Division 93 - "Listen to the silence!"
1119 Battalion logistical support "On time and reliable!"
Krivoy Rog separate regiment of communication - "No communication - No Victory"
December 10th, 2015  
OMON - "We know no mercy and do not ask for any"

Some corrections:

Marines: "There, where we are, there is victory"

VDV - "Nobody, but us"

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