Counter IED & RF Jammers for Foot Patrol and Mobile Protection

February 9th, 2010  

Topic: Counter IED & RF Jammers for Foot Patrol and Mobile Protection

Portable Jammers have now been around for years blocking remote trigger or activating IED's & Efp's. They come in all
shapes and sizes and for different conditions. I don't believe the CF Personal in Afghan have them But I know "Joe" does,
"Tommy", Spain are using them. Any Others??

Counter IED & RF Jammers for foot patrol and mobile Protection. Military forces around the world have faced years, the
treat of Radio Controlled Improvised Devices (RCIED) uses by Insurgents, T.B. Unlawful Combatants Terrorists to inflict
demoralizing harm to Conveys and troops in Irag or Afghanistan as around the World.

Homemade bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are attached to common wireless RF receivers such as two
way radios, cellular phones, pagers, remote controls from Toys, enabling them to use the transmitter remotely and detonate
the IEDs. AKA The main Trigger Device.

The Jammer Is A Small Unite that Attaches to your Molle II IBA or FLC Vest.

The "CREW" jammer has lots of new features, most of which are Classified, Secret. "The Don't Kiss and Tell Program".
Terrorist groups, Insurgents, Unlawful Combatants, have tried to find ways around the jammer, but have been
unsuccessful. Just jam`s every wireless field around you except the ones you trust... Great Gear to Have!
on Foot Patrol’s. The principle of AVOIDANCE is still the same . "If you didn't Drop It! there, don't Pick it Up.
" Best Advice You’ll Ever get ,,,,, God Done Wright!

In a booby trapped environment, assume EVERYTHING is set up to Kill You. Watch where you step,
and take no Souvenirs. Walk in each others footprints, find a way Out, and boogie.

Note that the picture shows IBA vest is the old Style CREW.

March 18th, 2010  
RF Jammer

Topic: Quite some knowladge

Very impressive! You seem to know a lot about the RF jammer system. The great thing about it is that it actually can save our lives - and that's what it's all about...