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December 16th, 2004  

Topic: Re: Could the Sino-Russian alliance spark a cold war or WWll

Do you think these new hostilities could spark a new cold war between the Sino-Russian alliance and the Japanese-American alliance or even lead to a WWlll?
I don't understand why somebody thought the PRC-Russia alliance (if such a alliance exists) would spark a cold war or even WWIII while the Japan-US alliance was considered as the most important, partnership in the world today in another topic.
December 16th, 2004  
China always objects any military alliance and will not go for it with any country.
December 16th, 2004  
A Can of Man
And the Cold War...?
I know relations with the USSR was not good and there were some fights along the border but in any really serious event, the USSR and the PRC were military allies.
December 28th, 2004  
They are not in any form of military alliances yet. Russian currently holds strategic partnership with China. However there are signs that these two nations are moving towards military alliances. I gusess it all depends on the US future foreign policy.

For the first time in history, Russia has agreed to hold quite a large military exercise together with China on Chinese territory in the second of in the second half of the year. Mostly state-of-the-art weapons -- navy, air, long-range aviation, submarines as well as strategic bombers will be brought in to practice interaction with China in different forms of military maneuvers.
December 30th, 2004  

Topic: i agree with you

that's true, russia will have a military alliance when china's military is stronger than russia's, which by this rate of development, will over take russia sometime.

it wont be a cold war, both countries are trying to arm themselves up anyway, a cold war with america is more likely. and its kind of happening now.
December 30th, 2004  
Interesting note; In 1996 two russians were arrested in Canada for technological and economic espionage. Currently CSIS (Canadian Security and Inteligance Service) has reported to the Senate that there are serval rings like those previously mentioned running currently, many based off of Chinese students studying at Canadian schools. NOw conicindental as that is; it still makes it look like North America is being penetrated at her weakest security link; Canada.

China spying on us: CSIS
Visiting students, scientists steal Canadian technology

Robert Fife
CanWest News Service

December 29, 2004

OTTAWA - China's intelligence services have systematically targeted Canada's science and technology sectors and use Chinese students and visiting scientists to steal technology for military use and to enhance the country's global economic competitiveness, a senior intelligence source says.

In its annual report to Parliament, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service warns foreign spies are seeking to acquire ''Canada's scientific and technological developments, critical economic and information infrastructure, military and other classified information, putting at risk Canada's national security.''

CSIS does not cite a specific country, but a high-level intelligence source identifies China as the ''most aggressive'' in seeking to illegally acquire Canadian technology.

The official said CSIS was mainly referring to China in its 2003-04 report when the spy service discussed how ''certain foreign governments direct their departments, state-owned corporations and intelligence services to engage in economic espionage against Canada.''

China uses visiting students, scientists, business people and delegations to obtain industrial secrets and high-technology that will benefit Chinese companies and its military-industrial complex, said the source, who asked not to be identified for national security reasons.

Russian intelligence services have also sought to obtain Canadian technology, which led to the 1996 arrest of two of their agents.

However, the official said China has been the most enterprising in using clandestine or coercive activity to gain access to economic and military intelligence. China has targeted Canada's nuclear, aerospace, biotechnology, mining and metallurgy, environmental and oil and gas sectors.

Beijing's China Defence Science and Technology Information Centre is the key collector of Canadian and foreign technology, and is part of the Chinese military's General Equipment Department (GED).

According to a 2003 Pentagon report, China's GED oversees a ''complex web of factories, institutes and academies that are subordinate to China's nuclear, aeronautics, electronics, ordnance, shipbuilding and astronautics industries.''

''Each of these institutions has an import/export corporation to facilitate the import of technology and knowledge,'' the report added.

Wenxng Zuo of the Chinese embassy in Ottawa strenuously denied yesterday China has engaged in espionage in Canada to gain secrets for economic and military use.

''No, it's not true,'' she said.

Paul Martin is about to embark on a 10-day trip to Asia that includes stops in Beijing and Hong Kong. Jim Peterson, the International Trade Minister, will also lead a trade mission to China at the same time.

The Prime Minister, whose family's shipping company has built ships at low-wage Chinese shipyards, is under pressure from the opposition and some Liberal backbench MPs to reject China's takeover of Noranda, one of Canada's biggest mining firms.

Noranda is in talks to be acquired by China Minmetals Corp, a metals producer controlled by the Chinese government, which wants to buy 100% of the $6.7-billion mining giant.

The United States has also accused China of carrying out economic espionage. The FBI claims China uses its nationals, who are sent to North America to study advanced technology, to infiltrate U.S. companies to gain access to sensitive information. They then return to China and set up their own companies or provide the information to the military.

A U.S. congressional committee concluded in 1999 that China obtained critical information about an array of U.S. warheads, including its modern strategic thermonuclear weapons program, through theft from U.S. nuclear weapons labs as well as meticulous scanning of publicly available information.

Paul Moore, a former FBI intelligence analyst who specialized in Beijing spying activities, told The Washington Times Chinese intelligence services do not usually pay for high-tech secrets and expect people friendly to the Communist government, many of whom are ethnic Chinese, to provide it free of charge.

According to a Chinese spying manual obtained by The Washington Times in 2000, more than 80% of all Chinese espionage focuses on open-source material obtained from government and private-sector information. The remaining 20% is gathered through illicit means from scientists at meetings, through documents supplied by agents or through electronic eavesdropping, bribes or computer hacking.

The manual, Sources and Methods of Obtaining National Defence Science and Technology Intelligence, said Beijing set up a database of ''famous scientists'' overseas and describes how ''special methods'' are used to obtain classified information through ''satellite surveillance, electronic bugging, special agent activities [buying or stealing], etc.''
December 30th, 2004  
Originally Posted by DarkSmari
Have you heard of the military crimes aginist japanese women in japan???

i was enraged when i typed this

chinese banned??? yes, there have been alot of them banned, great!!!!
It seems like the Japanese Government had try their best to say Japanese r Heroes trough education. He is just 12!

They even devilize the Chinese and use that excuse to enlarge their Military power. I must say that, today the Japanese r still commonly evil and dangerous. See how many mad and crazy post had been posted by this 12 year-old. Anti-Chinese, Self-arrogant, History-blinder.

Give them some benefit and good treatment in the International politic stage is only helping a Mad Dog to grow up. I don't wish to see that happen.

I know this is off topic, but I don't think starting a new thread to say this is a bettwe way. So I post here.

.................................................. .................................................. ........

For my opinion about the Russion-Sino alliance :

China r more concern about the Economical coroperation with Russian that the Military relationship. We should not get so narrow minded that Russian and Chinese alliance will be evilize and devil and dangerous or blablabla.

I mean, look at todays world. China as such a big country as never do anything that would actually endanger the world (except taiwan matter). Chinese leaders even stated for so many times -- "RISE IN PEACE"n but yer many of u still portray them like Satan............I mean............WHY?

In the other side, I think Japanese, Indonesian, and middle east r even more dangerous than China. USA itselfs had declare 2 wars in 4 years. Russia is not dangerous as u guyz think. Their military power had been minused to more than a half than the old USSR,so why worry? Plus on, they r decromatic country.

Indeed China and Russian have military coroperation. But I do remember China also do Military coroperations with many other countries.

It sounds like Chinese and Indian cannot develope military, but Japanese and westerners can. I wonder this kind of logic ever run trough into u guyz mind or not. For today I see so many posts is appointed to China and India.

Look more at Japanese plz. They r dangerous.
December 31st, 2004  
Well I can understand if Russia are making deals with China and India, they are out in the cold from the EU as they always have been. They are not even mentioned as a possible member in the EU over here in Sweden on the news. I think it was some talks in the 90s and I dont understand why Russia is so darn dangerous but Turky is not.

It feels almost as Russia always will be the one that the rest of Europe will gang up on. Well I honestly see more benefits with Russia as a EU member then Turky will ever be. Even if Turky probably is a great tourist attraction at the moment things can change very fast in Islamic countrys. This is the one question where I can understand France to 100% no question about it.

If Russia want to survive they have to place themselfe on the side that all the others look down on so this is not a cold war started by Russia. This is EU cold war ingredients if we play with the tought that it is a new war.

December 31st, 2004  
I don't think it is possible for China and Russia to agree on anything that has to do with ideology or trust. There's been too much bad blood between them in the past, border skirmishes and such. I watched a news reporter interviewing a lower level Chinese diplomat on TV and when asked about US/China relations, he said (para.) if there is ever a world war started, it will be the great bear to the North, not China who starts it.