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January 20th, 2010  
wow that rebel guy is a bigger rascist than a nazi
January 20th, 2010  
"Your living in your own private idaho". watch out, Mossad is everywhere.
January 20th, 2010  
The US was the first government to recognize Israel as a country which had a profound effect around the world.
January 20th, 2010  
watch out, Mossad is everywhere.
You drop some good ones.
January 20th, 2010  
Originally Posted by goodoldrebel
"Your living in your own private idaho".
It would seem that you have delusions of grandeur about living in cities, with your nose constantly stuck up some stranger's butt every moment of the day.

But that's just my opinion,... as a person who has seen a great part of the civilised and not so civilised world on six continents.
February 6th, 2010  
Get the jews out of israel, and India will accomodate them. Neither the US nor British had the hearts to share their land for affected jews during holocaust. Both US and British were self centered manipulators.
February 7th, 2010  
radarsonar........Please get your facts right....Britain took in train loads of them before Germany closed up all the borders. Not every Jew wanted to leave their home or had any understanding like the rest of the world just what the finial outcome was to be
February 8th, 2010  
My Country WWII in Franco's Time took millions in, kept then for awhile took all their $$$$$$$$ Gold Diamonds+++ and shipped them to Argentina or other Latin country's.
February 15th, 2010  
Just who is being wiped out?

February 16th, 2010  
Originally Posted by art818
wow that rebel guy is a bigger rascist than a nazi
un bloody believable

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