Conquest of the Aegean

June 12th, 2006  

Topic: Conquest of the Aegean


Sorry if this is considered spam but as both the development team and a lot of fans are/were in the military it might intrest some folks in here.

Just a short note to inform you that "Conquest of the Aegean" has been published.

"Conquest of the Aegean" is military grade wargame simulator software dealing with the Axis 1941 Mediterranean Campaign during WWII.

More info can be found at the website :

or at the forum :

An excellent after-action report with lots of screenshots, tips and comments can be downloaded from here (pdf in zip) :

This is definitely not a kiddies game


Eddy Sterckx
June 12th, 2006  
shouldnt this be in technology...
June 15th, 2006  
My great uncle Alec was an innocent victim of that campaign.

He was innocently sitting in an innocent British submarine that was innocently attacking the Italian merchant fleet, when an Italian cruiser decided to depth charge them, in a completely unprovoked attack.

A brave man and fondly remembered by my father's family (my dad was born in 1942 and was named after him). I don't think I will be playing the game.

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