Competition number two!!!!!!!

June 24th, 2005  

Topic: Competition number two!!!!!!!

So here I go diving headfirst back into the world of service competition shooting.
The team going from Innsworth is a bit smaller than last time and we are going to be there longer which could get annoying lol.
We have Dawn crack pistol shot
Gareth The Boss
Zowie The girl in Pink
Julian Hes a pilot dont you know lol
and me Jay alround nice guy and the one with the driving licsence so I get to take all the weapons down with me and zowie today in about 20 mins actually. We're meeting everyone else there so it should be fun lol
Look out Bisley we're coming

p.s. give you a heads up on how we did when i get back in a weeks time plus some photos to give you a laugh l8rz all