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August 31st, 2005  

Topic: Combat Tour Guide Patch

We have unofficially named ourselves the "COMBAT TOUR GUIDES". I work in the Chaplins office in Southern Iraq. Located somewhere between inside the wire and outside the wire is the ancient city state of UR of the Chaldeans. It is the home of the birthplace of Abraham and has many other unique properties to it. Because the Chaplains took an active role in OIF 1 from this post in taking soldiers to tour the ruins at UR it has been passed down the chain to all the replacement UMT'S (unit ministry teams). Sine we have been here our office has given and estimated 250 tours in the last 8 months. We still fulfill all our duties as Chaplains and Chaplains assistants but have become tour guides to this awesome site for all soldiers who are stationed here or are just passing through. Because of that we have created our own patch and logo. We are the "Combat Tour Guides"
August 31st, 2005  
Lucky you. I've seen some older History Channel programs and some mentioning Ur. Maybe, my Grandkids will get to see some of the Ancient City States. I'd be satisfie with seeing Israel before I die but I don't think it's advisable now.