Combat scenario

September 14th, 2014  

Topic: Combat scenario

what If you are in a mission to rescue high value hostage in libya captured by Al qaeda Defectors ( ISIL ) libya and this mission in green camo CH-53 Sea Stallion no army / air force tag ( kind of mission that your country deny its existence ) and your helicopter got malfunction and crush landed in the night near a town called Al Ajaylat 60 mile from Tunisian border ( friendly nation ) / 6 miles from the sea
and the town is fall of militants ( 100 men with 3 pickups 2 of them equipped with DShK 1938 Heavy machine gun and 1 with KPV-14.5 heavy machine gun
and they got an truck ( for transporting the militants ))
what would you do even knowing your country wont help you directly
and you are in squad of 40 men and 3 crewmen

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