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November 29th, 2017  

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November 29th, 2017  
How would become a group leader in a platoon filled with ba-feuns. Well common interest and ask what is there favorite thing to do beside jerk off like a primate monkey ass ****, Lets say the conversion goes like this.

PRIVates you shall address me as Master Sargent no other Shall Address me as Private for I am superior and here to organized the filth inside your minds. Privates you are a monkey and shall reach the evolution to a become a decent Human being with the rank of Corporal.

Today we will be discussing the basics of a Tactical Offensive Strategy. If there is a hostage with approximated proximity of 50m with 10 tangos within the close proximity of our target. What shall be a way of getting to out target without endangering the integrity of our target to ensure his survival.

M. Sgt we shall sneak in.

Good Private how would we not make a sound and jeopardize our integrity.

Sir we have to kill em all with our guns.

Private we shall not use guns unless it is the last resort. We do not want to make any noise at all.

Sir we can be equipped with silencers.

Private even a gun suppressor makes noise unlike the movies, We have no time to fixate on special effects, instead we shall fixate on our special abilities and work as a team. Dont forget if a whisky tango notices a comrade down he would instantly let the one interrogation the hostage to signal death and than our mission would be a failure.

Sir can we wait till shift change and disguise as the guards so we can get into close proximity of our target.

Private that is a excellent idea, how would propose such tactic. Yet if the target has a limited time of survival and if there isn't a shift change than what else we could do. There are ten of them and 5 of us. If we happen to go ahead and shoot two bullets in each tango at the same time. It takes two people to operate a sniper rifle. And it takes one man to kamikaze yet we do not want any causalities of our own. What would a sniper be in good use.

Sir, The sniper can take out the man that is interrogating the hostage and if there is only one in the room with the hostage and 9 other tangos in close proximity than we can have the sniper take out the interrogator than flank the rest.

Private we have Intel that there is 3 tangos in the room with the hostage, unless we have a marksmanship expert with out the need a scope calibrate off side, and none of you qualify.

Sir, I have been on haunting trips with my father and my dad was a POW camp sniper that was freed during the cold war and was a decorated Sargent before he retired. He taught me everything I wanted to know about shooting a rifle sir. I even brought my Kar98 with me specialize for long distance targets. I do not need a off side to calibrate the directory.

Private I expect you to prove to me how accurate you are. Anybody else have fancy daisy b******t they want to share?

Sir me and my buddies back home use to build forts and pretend we were solders taking over capturing the flag.

Private what was your success rate and exemplify the tactics you used to occur the flag.

Sir I lead my teammate to the backdoor that was not heavily watch and we used paintball guns to take out the guard that was alone in the backdoor with out the other tangos to notice.

Private there is no back door, no U turn and no other way in other than the front.

Sir what is the exact distance from each tango not in the room with the target.

Private they are aprox 7.2 meter in distance of each other with radio communication of one and other that checks in with each other. They switch positions upon each traversal pattern they are organized to move into.

Sir we can have one man to take out the furtherest one the is closer to us and drag his body to a hidden location and strip him and have one of us dress up as the tango.

Private these man speak another language and they understand each others voice signatures. They speak Korean, the only signification is that there faces are covered and that they wear all black. It would take approximate 5 minutes to change out of there close and hide the body, during that time they would already signal for a preposition.

Sir we go in dress up and said we are reinforcements in there language we can use a translator to memorize a few common words, M, Sgt have we intercepted there communications.

Private we have listened and record exactly what they say and indeed there is a common pattern. You shall be fixated on exactly the order and what to say and not one hint of English. Silence is the key.

Sir we shall have a sniper 100m and have 4 of use to reinforce the tango and that would leave the whisky tango numbers to more than half and have us 4 assassinate with a knife.

Private what would the sniper be good for.

Sir, To shoot down any of the interrogators that get close to the target or snipe the ones that walk away from there post so they wont have communication with anybody that would jeopardize the mission, no call for backup sir.

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