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November 5th, 2005  

Topic: Combat Engineers

I talked to my local recruiter yesterday and I just wanted to confirm some information he gave me.
I confirmed that there are in fact no Infantry Reserves Units here in Oregon. So, I have deiced to go Combat Engineer while in the Reserves. (I plan to be in the USMCR while in college). When I finish college, I will go active for a little bit then apply for OCS. The next summer after I finish boot camp and Combat Engineer School I want to go to SOI, School of Infantry. And my recruiter said I could, I'd just have to put in the paperwork. He said as long as you are on Active Duty for 2 weeks its fine, you can go to SOI instead of AT training. Also, he said that when I go active duty, I can make the LAT move from Combat Engineer to Infantry easily, no problem. Also, he said that for OCS, there is Ground, Air, and Infantry. I thought it was Ground Air, and Law?

So what I want to confirm is:
1. Is it in fact not hard to make a LAT move from Engineers to Infantry?
2. Is it in fact possible for me to go to SOI during the next summer, instead of going to my AT training?
3. For OCS, is it Ground, Air, and Law?

Also, if there are any prior Combat Engineers here, can you please fill me on what the job is like. From the information I gathered, combat engineers are their own unit, away from all the earth movers, and heavy equipment operators. They train and drill separately and when they are deployed a combat engineer unit is attached to an Infantry Unit. Is this true?
Whats the general job description of a Combat Engineer? From what I understand from the research and what I've heard is that a Combat Engineer, drives heavy equipment, searches for mines, blow's 'em up along with other obstacles,fixes house like a carpenter would, and moves heavy objects with rigs and such. . I've also heard they operate heavy equipment though...true? And, from what I undersand, 1371's get attached to Infantry the 1371's(Combat Engineers) participate in the fire fights, or are they in the rear...waiting to be called up to blow something up..or wait until the enemy comes to them? I'm not worried about being fired at...I actually wanted Infantry..but cannot 'cause there's no Infantry Units in my area....I am asking because my Father won't sign the contract because he doesn't want me to get hurt. But I feel he might knowing I want a non combat arms MOS while in the USMCR.

One more thing, is a 95 on the MM portion of the ASVAB hard to get? Or is that a low number, I'm unsure of how the ASVAB is scored and such. 95 is what one needs to get in order to be a Combat Engineer.
November 7th, 2005  
The thing, the main thing you have to remember is this. Any training other than what you enlisted for will be done for a couple of reasons.
A. You need it for your primary MOS.
B. Your command needs bodies capable of performing the skill.
C. The Corps needs you to have the skill.

As far going to SOI as a CE. Thats going to be up to your command, not your recruiter. If the command allows you to go and if SOI has seats you might get to go. It will be at your command and the Corps convenience.

As far as lat moves. Yes it can be done. However lat moves are governed by some guidelines. One of those being whether your primary MOS is critical at the time of your request. So if HQMC lists your primary MOS as critical you will not be allowed to lat move.

Combat Engineers are often attached to the forward maneuver elements and conduct mine clearing op's etc. Yes they can become involved in direct contact. And while Combat Engineers are non-infantry they are not non-combat. A Combat Engineer Lcpl received the Bronze Star with V device clearing the Euphrates river bridge during the push on Baghdad, by exposing himself to fire while manually setting a line charge. Nope not a non-combat MOS.
November 8th, 2005  
Thank you 03USMC, you answered my questions. I appreciate it.
May 1st, 2012  

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Hello my name is Shawn Mangan and I am a student from Mayville High School. Our teacher Mr. McFadden has assigned our class to find a contact to answer questions about a future career that we would be interested in. I am interested in this field and was wondering if I could ask you my questions through email. If you could contact me back my email is Thank you for you time.

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