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June 25th, 2009  
Standard issue or Danners. The USMC Spec boots that Bates makes are also okay but the above pair is a lower grade and the sole will seperate from the upper if you use them hard.
June 25th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Inferior glue? Or does the rubber actually tear off?
June 25th, 2009  
Originally Posted by 03USMC
They'll fall apart on you in about 4 months
Why do u say that? I feel it's more comfortable than some military boots in the cold weather, such as Belleville 500, Bates 85501, etc. Of course, not very durable . Because it is for the civil market.
June 28th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Durability is very important because I don't want my boots falling apart while I'm in the middle of doing something important.
October 7th, 2009  
The above bates model is based on cementing construction, from the looks of it, relies only on chemical adhesive.. dual density outsole.. possible phylon + rubber.. or.. *gulp* PU + rubber.

From my trial and error so far, there is no feasible chemical adhesive that could match the bonding strength of the good ol' vulcanized shoe construction (avg 100kg tear strength, same construction with the standard issue), at least not without additional upper to sole bonding method.
October 20th, 2010  

Topic: IDF boots

dude check out some good idf boots !!! these are realy quality idf boots i bought some too
November 3rd, 2010  
-- Dusty
I am now wearing Texas Steer combat-style boots and I love them. They feel great on my feet and I have hiked in fairly rough terrain with them without complications.

And they only cost me $29.99 at a K-Mart.
November 5th, 2010  
you want to take a look at intelligent armour, they have a large range of combat boots, give a 10% forces discount and ship worldwide. if you are UK forces, they ship free to BFPO and also take the tax off. cant ask more than that!