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September 12th, 2008  

Topic: Collection for sale

Hi all,
I joined this forum because I am in possesion of a rather large collection of Vietnam / WWII gear and I am looking to sell it all. Most of the stuff is original with some high quality repros and I don't really want to do the ebay or flea market thing. This a perfect opportunity for someone who is just getting started or to add to existing collection. Som of the items included in the sale are:
Original Uniforms (Both WWII & Vietnam) (Most are originals and some repops)
Several pairs of original Boots) size 7 & 11 (WWII & VN)
Dummy M16 and Paratroop Carbine
Mint condition 2.75" Folding Fin Rocket with Training head (inert)
Command Tent
Laterns / stove
All type field gear
A pile of M14 style ammo pouch
Helmets/ headgear
Personal items
Books / photos
Various field jackets
And too many other things to list all of it
You can see some of the collection at
Youn can contact me for more details

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