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July 23rd, 2014  

Topic: Syria

Originally Posted by George
Guess there wasn't any intel as to who to support, who was ISIS and who wasn't, who wouldn't end up being worse, just like what may end up happening in Libya where we didn't know who was who. Of course there's continuing rumors that "Benghazi" was tied to a CIA arms smuggling to Syria operation, so who knows.
The whole time during the Iraq War we heard from the media & Democrats that it was the "wrong War" & we shouldn't be involved there, but should have only been involved in Afghanistan, the "good war". That is until we pull out of Iraq & suddenly all talk of Afghanistan being the "good war' suddenly disappears & is replaced by "We need to get out of this unwinnable war.
George I think this ISIS only comes in when a power vacuum appears. They are outsiders. Originally some of the Syrians wanted freedom from Assad's autocratic rule. They were getting hammered and were looking for support from anybody. As the rebellion gained momentum this ISIS came and tried (is trying) to take power. Sometimes much to the dismay of the original rebels. So now the whole thing is a mess Everyone is fighting Assad but the rebels are also up in arms with each other. Basically some rebels realize they would have been better off with Assad then the ISIS.