Cold Case

September 26th, 2009  

Topic: Cold Case

This evening, Italian Public TV broadcast an episode of Cold Case.

It was about an omicide of Marine PFC who was about to be sent to Vietnam (if I remember well), a case that has never been resolved.

What I liked very much in this TV movie was the sense of respect for the all those vets who fought in the war.

I appreciated the end of the movie very much: that soldier has been rehabilatated, his discharge upgraded from dishonorable to honourable, the military Honors given to the memory of this Marine, in presence of his brother and comrades, the American Flag given to the brother, every soldier dressed in his own class uniform, with all medals. This is what I would like to see in Italy, when we remember our soldiers and their sacrifice.

There are many ways to appreciate and underline the value of those soldiers who fought in the past wars. This one was very simple, with no hypocrisy.

A way, a good one, to honor their memory.

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