Climate change - Quo Vadis?

Climate change - Quo Vadis?
September 27th, 2008  
Del Boy

Topic: Climate change - Quo Vadis?

Climate change - Quo Vadis?
What happened to the thread on climate change. I can't find it. The argument rumbles on. Here is the latest objection:-
September 28th, 2008  
I recommend checking out the before and after photos of the world's many well known glaciers. There are indeed some very dramatic changes. CO2 emissions are destabilizing our atmosphere and ecosystem. Being a closed system afterall, I think there's only so much that the nature can handle. Global warming shouldn't have to come slap one in the face to make him believe in it. It's not the temperatures that we experience today that concern us, it's about what our children and grandchildren will have to face, if we don't do something about it today.

This one's from the USGS:

September 29th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Man did you miss the whole argument about the CO2 etc.
The Earth is repeating a cycle it's gone through before humans made factories or before humans period.
Climate change - Quo Vadis?
September 29th, 2008  
Yeah. Human's ain't making much of a difference, one volcano pours out more CO2 than the entire human population IIRC.

And think of it like this, we aren't making more CO2, if anything we're taking gases away from our planet by sending space shuttles into space. Global warming = Bullsh1t

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