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August 14th, 2007  
I have fond memories of my CAP days. FTX's up in the North Georgia mountains, fun flights, taking a C-130 to the Wright Pat AF Museum...I had the time of my life. It's most definitely something my kids will be involved with when they're of age.
June 7th, 2010  
Well this thread seems old but I joined back I 2007 and i have to say CAP is a great program and I assume the other youth military corps are good too. I am currently a C/SMSgt and I'm testing for my last requirement for Chief tomorrow. I am also my squadron's Flight Commander. But I have to disagree with whoever said it's hard to get wings because I'm going Flight Encampment in a few weeks and after that I will get pre-solo wings.
June 17th, 2012  
I'm just going to say the Civil Air Patrol is a deticated force for good, it may not seem like much, but there are real planes in the back of my HQ, with hangars, only an idiot would spend that much time and money of putting up barbed wire fences and CAP airplanes and hangars to something so dumb. We may not be the branches of the military, but we get stuff done, and we are all dedicated to do something in life,
for joining a military branch, i'm pretty sure the military would rather see "Cadett in Civil Air Patrol" then nothing. It's a really good way to get started and only the deticated cadetts make it through. I'm new but I'm really into it and i have my BDU's and everything and promise you there was never one time were i didn't have a good time there!
March 3rd, 2014  
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[QUOTE=>*CrAzY*<;1743]I was wondering if anyone had heard of Civil Air Patrol/ CAP. I'm part of that... a cadet. justa wonderin

The Civil Air Patrol is the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force. It consists of volunteer adults, many of whom are prior military service and many of whom are pilots and own their own aircraft.
The most important mission of the CAP is search and rescue. When an aircraft or person goes missing, the CAP is frequently called to begin a search. The operation is coordinated with other Air Force resources. The Air Force and other branches of the U.S. Government provide funding for search and rescue and drug interdiction missions. When I worked in the U.S. Treasury Department, I worked on a project where we bought some airplanes for the CAP, if they would agree to do some marijuana spotting flights. These aircraft would be primarily tasked with SAR missions and training of cadets ( air experience flights).
The CAP cadet program is quite large. Male and female cadets join a cadet squadron at, I believe 14 years of age and remain cadets until they pass into the senior squadron. The squadrons normally meet at least once a month, some more often. They train in basic military skills and knowledge and aeronautics. They usually have a summer camp at an Air Force base.
Entrance into the Air Force is not required. It is looked upon as a citizenship. leadership development organization.
November 9th, 2014  
January 22nd, 2015  
Swivel Chair Patrol ha ha!

September 21st, 2016  
TSgt Colvin
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