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March 28th, 2007  
Originally Posted by USAFAUX2004
More changes on uniforms than in the last 25-50 years...
Go figure. How ridiculous does it look??? I spent more money on my uniform in the last year i was in CAP than the other years combined. it was ridiculous.
March 30th, 2007  
Well, I now wear a US Flag, Two Grade Cutouts, A Wing Patch that I took off, because it is "optional", And a Tape that says "U.S. Civil Air Patrol"
March 31st, 2007  
optional wing patch??? you've gotta be joking!
and how many Civil Air Patrols are there?????
how much more like "the real military" are we going to get.

April 1st, 2007  
There is the Australian, Brazil, Congo...etc...

But yea, Wing Patches optional. for more than a year now.
April 1st, 2007  
ahhh, yes that is true.
i stand corrected.
but i still think it's ridiculous lol.
I was looking at my plain jane, flagless, 1 rank insignia & a CAP cutout, CAP/Shuping nametapes and my wonderful blue and white NCWG patch... and I just shook my head lol.
April 2nd, 2007  
Yea...I have my Flag, 2 C/1st Lt Cloth, No Wing Patch, Hatkevich, U.S. Civil Air Patrol, Unit Patch, HGA Patch...
May 1st, 2007  
Do you guys have the flags on now...?
May 5th, 2007  
FO Seaman
Yes we do. Its becasue we are Department of Homeland Security......and being an active Gov't entity............fine by me baseball players were flags too, lol.

Optional wing patch, WTF?
May 5th, 2007  
Yeah, well, I'm rejoining CAP. I do believe.
I was promised my old Blackhawk gear back, and they fully restocked it for me. And I've been promised some pretty good positions within the ES part. Plus I'll have a good chance of being C/CC, and the current C/CC needs a strong (aka determined) woman's guidance in about every way.

SO yeah.
May 5th, 2007  
Rejoining CAP, eh? Good to hear, Crazy. Hopefully, the unit keeps its promises.