Civi Jobs on Military Bases

September 29th, 2004  

Topic: Civi Jobs on Military Bases

How does a civilian go about getting a job on a military base, and what kind of jobs are there for civilians on bases? Would you make about the same amount of money, as you would not working on a base? Like for instance teacher's barley make enough to live on in the real world, do you still get paid at least enough to live on if your a civi teacher on a base?
September 29th, 2004  

Topic: Civil jobs

Don't know for your country but some jobs are published through the media and employment offices in Norway. Common jobs are in the mechanical branch, warehouse/storage and camp administration.

Perhaps the easiest way is to write a general application and a nice resume and post it to the camp in your area; ask them to keep your papers if they don't have any available jobs at the moment and good contact details (a decent email address, daytime and cellphone number etc.)

Hard to say on the paycheck but I worked a period of time as a grenadier making the same amount of money as the civvie guy who had the office before me. Not much....
December 6th, 2004  

They post civi jobs on base on a regular basis.