The city pile of corpses : a famous street fighting in 20th century

October 21st, 2012  

Topic: The city pile of corpses : a famous street fighting in 20th century

The city pile of corpses : a famous street fighting in 20th century

War frightened human, and street fighting fighten war. When the war come, street fighting became the best choice of the weak against strong . Everybody know: street fighting is really "meat grinder". No matter the loser or the winner, the loss is amazing. Yes, when a whole city in screaming, had you heard more than this creepy cry?
Grozny, Russia's are trembling
Grozny became the largest cemetery of Russian soldiers
Russian army VS Chechen
Time :1994-1995, the first street fighting; December 25, 1999 - 2000 in February, the second street fighting
About 120 thousands soldiers (Russia) vs 30000 troops; (Chechnya)
Casualties: the first street fighting (Russia)about one thousand dead; (Chechnya) unknown.The second street fighting (Russia), 1173 people died; (Chechnya) unkown

Comments: original, a city own its fate. "Grozny" in the local dialect is "terrible and cruel", then, the capital of Chechnya has long been destined to become bloodthirsty city. Grozny was established in 1918, is designed in accordance with a fortress, there are many bastion dense like spider web, easy defensible. So, two street fighting where broke out, called the bloodiest battles after the Vietnam War. After 1994, it is famous, it let the "Russian army trembling.'

As early as in 1994, Grozny had taken the lives of thousands Russian soldiers. A combat group consist of 1000+ soldiers, only one officer and 10 soldiers alive; 26 Russian tanks who entering the city, 20 were destroyed by Chechen militants; 120 armored vehicles of the Russian m also lost 102; Chechen militants even pile of the Russian corpses as sandbags, as a street bunker - soldiers who had dead lost their last dignity. Five years later, the bodies of Russian soldiers, were been insulted again. January 24, 2000 is the most bloody day in second Grozny street fighting . The Russian military Shihengbianye. It is very cold the days, their bodies didn't rot, Chechen militants marching foward on them!

The second street fighting since the Christmas in 1999, although the official report said eight people were killed and 13 were injured on average in a day.But newspaper suggested that should expanse these figures 10 times. are more realistic figures.
It is the sniper, Chechen snipers and foreign mercenaries massacre most of the Russian. Through January 2000, 75% of the fallen soldiers dead at these gun, they call these " one shoot,one kill"." Russian officers Helsinki Bardstown write in his diary: "the fall of my brothers one by one, on their forehead, there is a small bullet holes ... January 18, sniper even shot Grozny, Russian frontline commander Major General Malofeyev - two shots on head and one shot on back. Those mercenaries, killed 100 Russian can get $ 10,000.
Vicious and decisive, familiars with the terrain. The Chechen snipers scattered whole city, each sniper follow with a machine gunner and a rocket launcher. This group are fatal, rapidly moving, both had far - middle - nearly three distance firepower. In fact, a Grozny street fighting is a sniper war. The President Putin mobilize a large Gunslinger players cope with this situation, at final he was ordered to low up Grozny use bombs.
No flowers in Grozny in that winter, snow and blood flowers bloom. Americans say they can't afford to fight a war so costly. - a life exchange a inch of land.

October 21st, 2012  


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