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November 17th, 2005  
Originally Posted by bulldogg
And then of course this sets a precedent for any communist country to begin abducting supporters of capitalism. And don't forget those who support rugby can begin abducting supporters of American football... lets just ignore the sanctity of borders and law and due process and go full tilt headlong into anarchy. Short sighted situational ethics at its best.
I think you miggggghhhhhhht be blowing it a tad out of proportion.
November 18th, 2005  
Of course I am to draw attention to the absurdity of supporting this action. I am not saying we should do nothing but in the case of Italy there was a clear violation of soveriegnty and were I Italian I would be livid. It is international kidnapping because it did not follow a legal procedure. You cannot go running around the globe like a 500 pound gorilla doing anything you want simply because you have the means and wherewithall to do it.