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November 16th, 2004  

Topic: christmas presents

My boyfriend is currently at his MOS school, and it looks like he will be leaving for Iraq in the next couple months. I wanted to get him something for Christmas that he could take with him that may come in handy while he was over there. I dont really know what kind of things the soldiers need, but i thought maybe someone who had gone overseas before could tell me what kind of things you treasured the most from your loved ones back home. Any ideas
November 16th, 2004  
still me
I think something i treasered the most is photos of my family maybe make a scrapbook or something, otherwise just the regular creature comforts from home , cookies, candy, books etc...etc.....

November 17th, 2004  
i really like the scrapbook idea... i guess i need to start collecting things to put in it
November 17th, 2004  
Here's some ideas from another site: (I am just cutting and pasting the posts)

Steal away... I "borrowed" the turkey SPAM can idea from somewhere on the Internet... we all share ideas

Here's an idea from a friend ... send an inexpensive micocassette taperecorder. Buy one for yourself, everyday tape a few minutes of chit-chat, at end of week send tape for him to play. The lovely lady who suggested this is a wealth of creative ideas. Sending pictures of you during the week would complete the "memories" package!

Some of my ideas for this year...
teeny 8" or smaller tree with Xmas lights,
an Advent calendar (non-religious so as to not violate the mailing regs),
hand made cards from my students to a larger group,
Christmas cookies,
movie DVDs of Christmas movies (not my idea, the awesome friend again),
stamps & unwritten cards for them to send back to whomever,
computer generated stationary with their name nicely printed on good quality paper (with matching stamped envelopes) ... an inexpensive but highly personal gift.
a collage of holiday pictures from years past (dont send oroginals, make copies in collage form at WalMart), pocket calendar for next year with family picture on it (again can make at WalMart)
local news tree lighting, etc...
tang, koolaid, powerade powder
toys.. small, silly putty, nerf football, etc
a handwritten story or poem..done by you

my criteria... small, disposable if need be, meaningful

Ok... here goes... Thanksgiving dinner for soldiers (or Christmas!)

Pumpkin bread (I made it, triple wrapped it in Press & Seal)
SPAM has a canned turkey breast Its the white meat only,'s TURKEY!
Canned Turkey Gravy (Metal can not glass)
Canned cranberry sauce (Metal can)
package of homemade biscuits to have with the gravy
Can of veggies (I sent corn)
1 package of microwaveable (or they can be made on a stove with just water & powdered milk) mashed potatos (they come buttered & spiced)
powdered milk for potatos & to have with pumpkin bread

All they'd need is a heat source OR knowing my son, if he can't find one depending on where he is, he'll eat the stuff cold.

Throw in a few pieces of candy, the sports page or football magazine & it's ALMOST like home because.. it's made & sent with love
Viola.. thanksgiving dinner from home.
November 17th, 2004  
My gf gave me a necklace that she got for her graduation. It's nothing expensive or anything like that, it's just a simple ole necklace. But whenever I look at it I'm reminded of her and that summer. I've worn it ever since. But simple things like that mean a lot more than anything material.