Chocolate Milk. Mmmmmmm.

April 6th, 2007  

Topic: Chocolate Milk. Mmmmmmm.

This is the last of the funny military stories involving my participation, let it be a warning to those of you who consistently bend the rules

On the HMAS Hobart in about 1972 I was teaching Terry CXXXXX to steam in No. 2 Fireroom, seeing he was fairly proficient I used to take the liberty of climbing up the emergency escape trunk, and sitting on the door step to the upper deck where I could get back in a hurry if anything went wrong.

One night during the Middle watch, I noticed that the Cooks had left the scuttle open into the Galley, knowing how much my steaming crew would appreciate some goodies I decided to have a look around inside. It was all in darkness, so with a little acrobatics I managed to get in through the scuttle and being very quiet decided to have a look around. The lights were on in the adjoining cafeteria and the duty watch were in there talking or attempting to snooze so I had to be very quiet, there was just enough light coming in under the servery slide for me to see what I was doing but that was about all.

There was nothing!!, not a bloody sausage, however I did find a packet of Cadbury's drinking chocolate snookered away in one of the cupboards, Lovely... iced chocolate. I found a large billy can and carefully, very carefully I opened the fridge, shielding the light with the door, and ladled a gallon of milk into it, then after shutting the door shook a liberal helping of Drinking Chocolate into the milk using a small ladle to give it a stir. Being duty bound to try it myself before I should ask my crew to drink it, took a really good drink of it. The chocolate hadn't dissolved very well in the cold milk making it a bit lumpy but other than that it was bloody lovely.

Carefully covering my ill gotten booty with a tea towel I departed the scene and returned to the Fireroom very pleased with my effort. Whatcha got? "Iced chocolate sez I" (Three cheers, Spike for President and all that stuff) and with a flourish, off with the tea towel, only to discover that the top of the milk was covered in small dead cockies, (roaches) not one or two but literally hundreds of them.

Y'know the bastards actually laughed at me when I was trying vainly to bring it all up in the bilges. No more iced choccy milk for them ungrateful b*stards, they can get their own next time.

So I guess I can claim the record on this forum for having consumed the most cockroaches. Are there any challengers?
April 6th, 2007  
Ewwww you can have that title

All hail Senojekips lord of eating cockroaches....and liking it before he knew what it actually was
April 7th, 2007  
Team Infidel
hehehehe.... that is good
April 7th, 2007  
LOL Nice!!
April 7th, 2007  
The Other Guy
Hail the roach lord!!!
April 8th, 2007  
I feel the bilge in my stomach wanting to overflow...

Bad thing is I can get an almost perfect mental picture by your descriptive narration . .
March 26th, 2009  
June 12th, 2009  
thats one of those stories that are sooo funny as long as it happens to someone elselol

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