China's nuclear tunnels/missles

November 30th, 2011  

Topic: China's nuclear tunnels/missles

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December 2nd, 2011  
Hundereds of Gigabytes of data???? That doesn't seem like very much...

Does not surprise me at all, when China went nuclear, like Russia and the U.S. it would make plausible sense for them to construct a vast undergound network of weapon and support facilties, when you go become a target for retaliation, what better lesson to pick up from this than that the U.S. and USSR learned in the cold war, if you are going to get hit with nuclear weapons via retalitation, than you better have your nuclear arsenal hold out long enough to deliver the pain right back.

As is common knowledge in nuclear war nobody wins, the best one could hope for is to have enough striking power to last long enough to fire back in relation before your entire country's infrastructure and communication and support networks becomes crippled and falls off the grid.

The best you can do is hope this happens after the first wave of nuclear attacks.

Not much planning is really needed afterwards....
December 22nd, 2011  
China becomes strong

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