Ambition of China!

January 17th, 2006  

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Sorry,this is just chinese joking・・・・・・・・・・・・・・I hope・・・・
January 17th, 2006  
what is this?
January 17th, 2006  
That map is world of this Novel.
January 17th, 2006  
January 17th, 2006  
major liability
What a terrible world it would be if the Chinese took over.

They could not attack Japan or Austrailia without provoking the US. Hell, they couldn't really attack anything except maybe Africa or a few Middle Eastern countries without provoking the US.

And we all know the US could win an offensive war with anyone. But not a defensive one, not against the Chinese horde. How depressing. I'm going to avoid this book...
January 17th, 2006  
System Bolaget
I am offended. You do not know what you are talking about which is slightly surprising considering that you are supposedly Japanese.

This would never happen. China is ambitious but is only interested in pumping itself up from within. Not acquiring new territories such as Australia et al. The only territory currently in the scope is Taiwan which is traditionally part of China anyway. Those of you who glean your knowledge from CNN and other western news sources fail to realize that if China were to simply cut Taiwan off economically that Taiwan would cease to exist as it does today. In many ways Taiwan is like a screaming, ill-behaved child.

One of the last territories reclaimed by China is the Western Provinces of xizang and xinzang which includes Tibet. What many Westerners once again fail to realize is that prior to being assimilated, those regions were under control of the elitest, militant Bhuddist monastaries and the people were kept in poverty and isolation and brutal punishments were meted out upon them regularly. Today the region is given many priveledges by the Chinese government and its indigenous populations are exempt from the one child policy that the Han people are subjected to.

And before anyone tries to dogpile me, yes, I have travelled EXTENSIVELY in China including the West and I have a working grasp of the Mandarin Chinese dialect. I am speaking from first hand knowledge. I am not posting a stupid little map that I found on a google search.

And on a final note, Sandy, it is your country that has aspirations of world domination. I have seen first hand the psychological damage wrought upon the Chinese by your people. Something which I understand has been deleted from your nation's schoolbooks. There was a day when the Yang Tze river ran red with the blood of over 300,000 Chinese brutally and senselessly slain by Japanese soldiers. No small feat considering that the Yang Tze is massive on a scale not unlike the Mississippi. You have no right to make comments about the Chinese, my **** friend.
January 17th, 2006  
Are you iris Chang's reader?
It is free that you criticize me.
However, please read first of all.
criticize after reading this text.
The textbook that you say might be this.
It is your freedom that you are pro-china.
whatever you read, it is your freedom.
Insisting that 300,000 people were killed in Nanjing is your freedom.
It is your freedom that you regard for Tibet people to have
become happy to be ruled by Chinese.
However, Taiwan is not a territory in China.
Because China is not ruling Taiwan.
And, you shouldn,t say easily even getting angry"you have no right to~"

[Chinese, my little friend]
It is easy to be misunderstood by this remark including a racial discrimination intention.
Even if you do not have the intention
Please attention
January 17th, 2006  
System Bolaget
I really don't give a crap how you take it, chief. I didn't make any racist statements. If you can't handle the truth, get out of the thread. What can I say. I am not pro-anything. I am making my statements from eye witness accounts having been out there among those people personally. I am not quoting articles or books or the internet. As for the rape of Nanking, I have stood in a pavillion in the hill park behind the Guo Gong and watched as people of that generation sang of those times with tears running down their cheeks. I almost cried myself. As for Taiwan, just because Chang Kai She and his group declared it a free country doesn't make it so. Those dark days are over, my **** friend. There is a new dawn in old Zhonghua. The people even in the West are dressing well and talking on cellphones and surfing the net. I have seen it, my **** friend. I have walked among those people. They have risen far from the days of being torn apart by the British and the Japanese as their ruling dynasty stewed into utter insignificance and much of its population was dumbed down in a cloud of opium. They have come a long way indeed. I know people who lived in a time where you could get arrested for throwing out your old worn out picture of Mao so you could replace it with a new one. Now, these same people are millionaires.

Oh, and deleted Sandy, I never once insulted Japan or its people, or YOU. I have taken umberance with actions carried out against the innocent Chinese by Japan's soldiers in the name of Japan and then Japan publically denying that it ever took place. Kind of like those deleted that deny that the holocaust happened. I know people with the damn serial numbers tattooed on their ***** arms. Now they wear them as a symbol of pride and survival.
January 18th, 2006  
Whispering Death
I can't read chinese. What's the brown South Asian country?
January 18th, 2006  
Madagascar I think.