China Olympic soccer team in brawl

February 8th, 2007  
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Topic: China Olympic soccer team in brawl

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China coach Ratomir Dujkovic said a fight that broke out between his club and English team Queens Park Rangers during an exhibition game in London was unacceptable.
The fight Wednesday at Queens Park Rangers' training facility forced the match to be abandoned with Queens Park winning 2-1 about 15 minutes from the end.
The incident is the latest to plague China's Olympic soccer team during its two-week stay in London.
The team was invited there by Premier League club Chelsea, which is trying to make inroads into China's lucrative sports market. Chelsea launched a new Chinese-language Web site last month in Beijing, and announced new sponsorship deals in China.
"That's the style of English soccer," Dujkovic told the Beijing sports daily Titan. "But no matter what they do, it shouldn't be a reason for fighting. I am really disappointed. It is not acceptable."
Titan reported that Chinese player Zheng Tao was knocked unconscious in the brawl and may have a broken jaw.
Chinese striker Gao Lin, who was involved in the initial incident that sparked the fight, is being sent back to China, Titan said.
Footage of the fight aired Thursday by Hong Kong's Cable TV showed Gao throwing downward punches after being picked up by a Rangers player. Both players fell to the ground, then others joined the fight.
Earlier in the week, Chinese players said they were unhappy with the practice facilities provided to them by Chelsea at its training ground just outside London. Players said the playing field was in poor condition, a claim that Chelsea officials later disputed.
In a practice game against Chelsea's reserve team earlier this week, Chinese player Dai Lin was awarded a red card and sent off in a match that also featured pushing and shoving
February 9th, 2007  
Chinese soccer is the most corrupt game on the planet. Match fixing here is done by coaches, players, officials and sometimes at cross purposes. Its really interesting sometimes watching the drama unfold as the different parties try to do their masters' bidding. That they got in a fight over some contact is also not a surprise. They dont understand how many games are actually played regarding the level of contact. Basketball is a prime example, I'm a power forward and they are forever whinging when I use my mass to move them out of the box... _wants_to_watch_it.aspx,00.html
February 9th, 2007  
I would like this to be confirmed by Jacklondon.

nice to be here


hello,everyone,nice to meet you all on the forum,I'm from China,I will show you a real china,Some thread about china is not true,it is misleading,you know,communication is so important on this planet.

February 9th, 2007  
A little bird told me the news websites are being blocked right now in China because of this story.

Meanwhile, China's media on Friday slammed their players for shaming the nation.

"Chinese soccer sunk to a new low on Wednesday when a supposedly friendly encounter... descended into an ugly brawl that was more like a kung fu movie than the 'beautiful game'," the English-language China Daily said.

On the upside the English Olympic Boxing squad has found a welterweight worthy of inclusion on the team headed to Beijing in 2008...
The fight caused the game at Rangers' training ground to be abandoned on Wednesday night after the Chinese under-23 star Zheng Tao was knocked out and left with two cracks to his jaw.

And new heights in melodrama were also in abundance...
One Chinese eyewitness added: "It was like the end of the world. The players thought they would be killed."

Like I said in an earlier comment about physical play that is well within the bounds of the rules of a game...
Coach Ratomir Dujkovic said his players had reacted badly to QPR's physical approach. "That's the style of English soccer," he admitted. "But it shouldn't be a reason for fighting."

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