China military operation with Russia

August 17th, 2005  

Topic: China military operation with Russia

China military operation with Russia has started on 17th August. Russia has sent his best four troops to China. In my opnion,The operation want to send a message to white house about his action in Asia.
From Russia gov't viewpoint, this opteration can warn white house takes care his military expanse in Central Asia. Actually, Russia worries about American expanding his power in Central Asia. Otherwise, Russia may enchance his military relationship with China. This may affect the balance of power in western Pacific.
From China gov't viewpoint, this operation can warn Taiwan and Japan about their recent behavior such as, enhancing military coopteration with Taiwan. Furthermore, China gov't also want to let white house know Russia effect before supporting Taiwan in the civil war. So white house is concerned that the effect of China-Russia military opteration for the regional balance of power.
Eventually, the opteration is full of political meaning more than military meaning.