China is cleared to sell the RD-93 engine

November 20th, 2007  

Topic: China is cleared to sell the RD-93 engine

Now that China is cleared to sell the RD-93 engine to Algeria, the countries that might receive the planes according to the below link are Egypt, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

Could this FC-1 be a good seller for China maybe out doing there low cost J-7 in sales? I can't see
Saudi Arabia buying them with there new Typhoon orders not even for F-5 replacements. The only reason that the Saudi's might buy them and might is a big word is because they have Pakistan personnel inside there country doing maintenance, Kuwait uses them too. In general Pakistan , Egypt, Nigeria, and Iran all fly J-7s in some form, I'm checking on Bangladesh, so this makes sense. Algeria doesn't buy Chinese so I think Russia will make things straight with them. Man doesn't it seem like RSG MIG just can't get it right. You would think just before the Mig-35 or the Mig-29M is ready that ONLY positive things would be heard, but they can't even do that.


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