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China' army
January 6th, 2005  
China' army
I've noticed of PLAN's plans (what coincidence) was to construct a blue water navy and operate beyond its water boundaries for strategic means. With all of the Ship building projects and launch procedures happening in China, I'm beginning to estimate of the goal to become a Blue Water Navy approximately.....within 10-20 years or so if the country continue its efforts or speed up the process.

With the information viewed from:
January 6th, 2005  
No wonder Japan had led to it's conclusions to form a Defense Paper. Any country that sees a military buildup next by leads to suspicion. Well I know that the PLAN is preparing for a possible Taiwan Straight Conflict, not another Sino-Japanese War.

Well, Japan doesn't need to worry.
January 7th, 2005  
hoho,...u got that wrong, Japan really has to worry about china

anyone will get shocked if he or she sees how much chinese ppl hate japanese, it is just unbelievable, partly due to wut japan has done to them before and during WW2, partly due to Japanese ppl's refusal to admit mistakes, and maybe partly due to government's promotion of such nationalism feeling..

China is a great nation if u see it from its 5000 years of history,
it just doesn't have the luck in the last few hundred years., there are chinese ppl who won Nobel prize, or being nominated, the most famous are Li Zheng Dao, and Yang Zhen Ning, but saddly both of them study and teach in U.S,
this shows a huge problem chinese ppl facing, ---- the major flaw in its educational system,
chinese schools encourage students to remember the right answers rather than think a better answer or so called independant thinking..

this problem causes lagging on technology in nearly every areas, including military, there are just not many new ideas...

ppl should respect chinese culture and history first cuz in fact, it is really much greater than any other nations in this world

but we also have to see the problems within PRC government or PLA,
again back to my old theory, changing PLA from a party army to a state army, or changing china from a totalitirian government into a democratic state, that is how to solve the fundemental problem rather than just buying weapons
China' army
January 7th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Cabal
Frankly, if Chaing Kaishek had won the civil war in the late 40's, China would very likely have surpassed the USA and Europe already. China would be the most important and powerfuld nation on Earth right now. You can hate the KMT all you want, but they wouldn't have made such an awful mess of things with Communist ideologies, the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward.
godofthunder9010, you'll need to show certain respect to political ideologies. I see you are from the United States, a country known for its hysterical Anti-Communist rhetoric in the past. So please, reconsider.

Generalisimo Chiang Kai Shek was a corrupt leader who recieved persistant amounts of generous monetary donations from the United States for the war efforts, but most of them were kept in his personal ample bank accounts. During the late 1930's ever since Chiang Kai Shek had the priviledge to lead the entire nation, KMT have turned itself from a one party Republic into a corrupt military-runned absolutist government. So in this case, Mr. Chiang is no different than Mao Zhedong in terms of progress. However, both of them share the same dream, unity and stability. Regardless of their mistakes, I respect both of them.
Well, I don't consider myself hysterical, but I appologize for any offense. What China is figuring out is that Communism didn't work terribly well economically. Same lesson as Russia and lots of other nations. They are converting over to Capitalism ... and the Communist Party of China (for the most part) grudgingly accepts that the utopian ideal of Communism didn't work out very well. Utopian concepts have never seen very good practical success in the history of the world.

The point about Chaing Kaishek is simple: he may have been corrupt. He may have been a completely terrible person. But he was pushing China toward developing technologically and economically, patterned after what was working in Western Culture. Communism did China no favors IMHO.
January 7th, 2005  

to brainwash a person, takes time
Brainwash?So called? I thought you lost some respect for people. Ok, let's see the effects of the "Brainwash":
American POW in Korean War
Chinese POW in Korean War

It isn't difficult to find difference treatings from the photos. What is the effects of the "Brainwash"? That is. You have criticized that PLA's 30% of training time are occupied with political lessons sometimes. If you were a civilized guy, you should understand that it is not worthless. Don't just say, "Oh my God, up to 30% of training time are occupied".

to making CHina a super power
It seems you are realist of a kind of overseas Chinese. Do you believe in humanism?

i dont like when an army joins into an internal fight
Well, you must persuade some green little men in the island. Let them put the hand down, and let the military police into the area.
January 7th, 2005  
"Brainwashing" ... Such a tiresome thing. They need to ban the word, too many stupid things are said in the same sentence as "brainwashing". Some people mistake Patriotism for Brainwashing.
January 7th, 2005  
i dont think im insulting china, im just telling what i see... i have respect for the people and the country...

also in 1200 hey had the strongest army on the planet... 100,000 troops armed with repeating shot cross bows!
January 7th, 2005  
Sorry for ranting here.

A Chinese webpage link of ZTZ-99's pic here and with world's TOP 17 MBT's pics. 1,235 KB
January 7th, 2005  
Originally Posted by chewie_nz
"if u see the news, u will always hear how gd the chinese missles were. "

if we see YOUR news

Video showing DH-10 launched by H-6


Range: 1500 km
Satellite navigation precision (CEP?): 10 m
warhead: 500 kg
January 7th, 2005  
China – Rising Asian Powerhouse
By Chris Cumming

Napoleon once famously remarked, “China is a sleeping giant. Let her lie and sleep, for when she awakens she will astonish the world.” Attention world, the sleeping giant is now fully awake! First it was in trade, then technologies and now in an ever-increasing military build-up. China is truly becoming a superpower on the world stage.

For decades, Garner Ted Armstrong proclaimed, “The prophecies show that the 'men of the east' will be drawn into a gigantic conflict in the Middle East – in modern-day Israel!” He drew these words from the prophecies of Daniel and specifically Daniel 11: 40-44 where we read of a Beast power descending into the Middle East with its mighty armies conquering many nations. In verse 44 we see this Beast power concerned with opposing armies to the north and to the east…

“But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.” – Dan. 11:44

For this prophecy to unfold, we must first witness these “men of the east” attaining a level of strength for which the Beast power could find itself so troubled. Poring over a number of recent news stories, editorials and institutional papers on China, I gleaned the following kinds of phraseology:

A Global Power Shift in the Making

China is the most obvious power on the rise

China is rapidly developing into a global economic force

China is already a regional superpower, and it is in the process of becoming a world power

China – 21st-century giant

China is in the middle of a huge arms build-up aided, ironically, by United Europe. In one editorial I read, the EU is doing this to offset the US as being the lone superpower in the world. Berlin and Paris are, even now, moving to lift an arms embargo against Beijing in place since Tiananmen Square. If the US is forced to focus on breaking events in the Far East, such as possible war between China and Taiwan or the nuclear stand-off with North Korea, the EU could pursue its own interest and agenda unhindered by Washington.

Another indicator I found is a marked increase in China’s demand for oil. Seemingly overnight, China has gone from a five million barrel-a-day to an over eight million barrel-a-day economy. This will only exacerbate the building oil crisis in the region. It will also force a more focused attention by China on the Middle East oil reserves. China could easily find itself in an oil rivalry with the other rising superpower in the Far East, Japan.

Superpower Status

China’s superpower status is not going unnoticed in certain of the World press. Notice this from a Foreign editorial by James Hoge, Jr., “A Global Power Shift in the Making”:

“The transfer of power from West to East is gathering pace and soon will dramatically change the context for dealing with international challenges -- as well as the challenges themselves. Many in the West are already aware of Asia's growing strength. This awareness, however, has not yet been translated into preparedness. And therein lies a danger: that Western countries will repeat their past mistakes.

“Major shifts of power between states, not to mention regions, occur infrequently and are rarely peaceful. In the early twentieth century, the imperial order and the aspiring states of Germany and Japan failed to adjust to each other. The conflict that resulted devastated large parts of the globe. Today, the transformation of the international system will be even bigger and will require the assimilation of markedly different political and cultural traditions. This time, the populous states of Asia are the aspirants seeking to play a greater role. Like Japan and Germany back then, these rising powers are nationalistic, seek redress of past grievances, and want to claim their place in the sun. Asia's growing economic power is translating into greater political and military power, thus increasing the potential damage of conflicts.”

Growing World Economy

Later, in the same editorial he states that China’s economy is expected to be double the size of Germany’s by 2010 and to overtake Japan’s, currently the world’s second largest, by 2020. I feel certain that both will take place more rapidly than Mr. Hoge’s estimate.

Still in this same editorial, he states the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are seriously considering a monetary union. The result could be an enormous trade bloc, which would account for much of Asia's -- and the world's -- economic growth. Can you imagine the impact of first the Euro and now a single Asian currency on the global economy?! Are you aware of the fact the EU has been a trading partner with ASEAN since 1980!!

In a recent on-line audio program on the Internet, “China Rising” it was stated, “Recent projections forecast that China is well on its way to becoming a superpower in manufacturing, technology, and telecommunications. It is now the world's second largest consumer of oil, and is exporting everything from TVs to DVD players to cell phones.”

Military Threat

Peter Brookes, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation in his July 19th article, “Arming China” about Europe supplying arms and related technologies to China, stated:

“China is engaged in a major military buildup that goes far beyond its defensive needs. In the next few years, China will develop real military options for muscling its democratic neighbor Taiwan (which Beijing considers a renegade province). Down the road, China looks toward dominating Japan and Southeast Asia, too.”

We just recently ran a news story about a new Chinese aircraft-carrier-killing attack submarine that apparently caught the West totally off guard. Is it any wonder the US ran 7 of its 12 aircraft carrier groups out into the Pacific in recent weeks?

Mr. Brookes also stated:

“Ultimately, (China’s) long-term, military modernization game plan is to deter, delay or deny U.S. intervention in any Asian conflict involving China. Beyond that, (China) seeks to ultimately replace America as the preeminent military power in the Pacific.

“China is a notorious weapons proliferator — from weapons of mass destruction to small arms. Its record on export controls is abysmal. Sensitive European technology will surely fall into the hands of China's roguish friends: Iran, North Korea, Syria and Burma.

“So why are the Europeans doing this?

“Two reasons: To balance American global power and — tah dah! — to make money.

“Paris and Berlin have long pushed for a multipolar world, in which the United States' overwhelming power is balanced (read: weakened) by other power centers (i.e., poles) such as the EU, China and Russia.”

There you have it…"such as the EU, China and Russia.” These are the three predicted players in Mr. Armstrong’s predictions regarding Daniel 11:40-44. The EU is the Beast who, while conquering and occupying the Middle East, becomes troubled by the “tidings out of the east and out of the north”, China and Russia respectively.

Prophetic pieces are now falling into place! We are living through changes that may appear slow if observed from the point of view of daily headlines, but we are watching unfolding events with a global eye and a foundation of Bible prophecy where events are moving fast.. As Mr. Armstrong stated many times, “Watch!!" That is precisely what the organization he founded must do.