Chicken pushes cops to rampage in India

April 30th, 2005  
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Topic: Chicken pushes cops to rampage in India

AURAIYA, Uttar Pradesh: Making a mockery of chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav's claim that rule of law existed in Uttar Pradesh, a group of state policemen ran amok, beating up villagers, molesting women and even allegedly raping a girl to vent their anger over being denied chicken by the folks in the sleepy hamlet of Dibiyapur.

Following the rampage by police on Tuesday, petrified villagers have fled to other areas and barring a few men there's none other to tell the tale of the fateful three hours that morning when the men in khaki avenged their "insult" by thrashing old ladies and even blind persons.

"I was asleep in front of my house and suddenly policemen started thrashing me. I pleaded that I am blind but they spared no thought and beat me brutally," said Champanath, a 60 year old blind man, whose right leg was fractured in the violence.

Police aren't denying the incident but are typically shrugging off responsibility.
May 1st, 2005  
hmm seems they weren't taugh much discipline in training.
thats just pathetic, i hope they are all punished severly, its just moronic really
May 2nd, 2005  
They Lacked discipline and morality. Of course they should be punished.
May 7th, 2005  
Man, I don't even know how to respond except it's certainly not one world.
May 19th, 2005  
Horrible, just horrid.