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September 12th, 2010  
I was just thinking if the 2-piece MAV would not be enough, without the war belt.

Will be carrying something like this;

3-4x 2-mag pouches
1x Utility pouch
1x Field Knife
1x Hydration carrier

As for the Service Pistol, I will have to go with a legholster, but still.

If needed, I have a couple of FASTmag 5.56, I could wear on my regurlar belt.

So I am thinking the addition of a war belt might be too much...
September 28th, 2010  
This is the rig I'm working with at the moment if you're looking for ideas.

I'm running a SORD SCS Rig with the following:

3 x LAND 125 Army Issue Magazine Pouches
1 x SORD Commander Panel
2 x Plat-a-tac utility pouches
Various other bits and pieces including SORD dump pouch, FAD straps, NVG pouches etc. The knife is an SOG Government (it's getting pretty worn out too).

The weapon sling is a no-name brand sling I bought from ebay and modified to fit onto my rig. I'm pretty happy with its performance (cheers to Cpl Wooten for giving me the method of attachment idea).

For the back it's as you see it.

Camelback bladder in a no-name brand pouch.
SORD Pintail pouch.
Various first aid dressings and a SORD utility pouch.
Also on the back are grenade rings to fit cylume bundles to.

I'm very happy with this set up and it works well for me. It really depends on what you're doing though.
September 28th, 2010  
A Can of Man
I used quite a few "no name" items myself.
It disappoints the airsofters
September 29th, 2010  
Originally Posted by A Can of Man
I used quite a few "no name" items myself.
It disappoints the airsofters
It all does the same thing right

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