A change of mind.

A change of mind.
July 20th, 2004  

Topic: A change of mind.

A change of mind.
I know I have left this place before and came back. But I have been thinking ever since I got back and I have realized that it doesn't give me anything to discuss military matters.

I am aware the most people will see this post as "Did she really have to post it?"

And Yes, I do think I need to post this. I know I am more of the "naive pacifist" in here, and one of the rare ones in here.

I don't mean to offend anyone either by this post and I am definetly now pointing at anyone in this matter.

Because it isn't for anyone else then for myself that I am leaving.

Because what people discuss here isn't what I seek anymore. It seems like people somehow claims they don't like war, but still support it. Hence the Iraq problem.

The world doesn't evolve around US, even if some people believe it does. Not that anyone spoken out about it and said it out clearly, but it's between the lines.

There's no chance that I can express myself in here, since if Isay anything abut US or Israel, then I get ten thousands nails to walk on. And that is not what I am strifing for. But the thing to state your mind in here and be honest isn't popular at all.

Because somehow some people think that everyone should agree with the political issues that's concerning the whole world. I don't believe in agreeing with everyone there is on this whole world.

I have found where I stand, and unforunatly Military Forum doesn't provide any "pacifistic" vies. Problab y because "war" seems to be the only solution.

I believe in the good oin people and not by causing any more destruction and chaos into lives that doesn't need it.

so I am aware that I will be disliked by this post. I do not wish for it to be deleted either, locked maybe, but not deleted.

Some will dislike me for everything I stand for in this opinion but hopefully someone will at least see why I did this change of mind.

Because I've met unbelieably nice people in here and I don't lay this on anyone. I just needed to vent it out.

Mike has been a great support, and even though we problaby will loose contact by this. (Unless he emails me).

Marksman has been one amazing person as well. Without him I prblaby wouldn't be as a good chef.

Crazy cadet and RedLeg has been one of the people I've gotten to know very well and they are just as interesting and wonderful.

But it's time for me to leave.

Because I know what awaits me right now and my life has defiently taken a new turn.

So I have to thank you all for a really wonderful time here on MilForum.

And even though we do not always understand eachother () I must say that I am happy to have joined and discuss with you all.

So thank you, and I hope you all the very best.

-WolvenSoul (SilverPhoenix)
July 20th, 2004  
C/2nd Lt Robot
cya SilverPhoenix
July 20th, 2004  
Bye SILVER I doubt that you will find a place that will 100% agree with your views but good luck in your search.
A change of mind.
July 20th, 2004  
July 20th, 2004  
I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving us Silver...
But feel free to drop by and send me some PMs sometime.

War is never the only solution, just the absolute last one.
That's why I work in the Army.

I try to make the forum as neutral as possible, and you can find a lot of different opinions in here, both for and against US.
It's all a matter of how people post, and I'm afraid that the majority that has posted against has done it in a very inappropriate manner...
All opinions will be respected in here, but it all comes down to how they are posted...

But I can't force you to stay, or try to please everyone..

See/talk to you later
(I know I will )
July 20th, 2004  
Hmmm.Well, I can only wish that all the people who do not agry with me do it so politely. I am all for a discussion where both sides are represented, unless one side or both are incapable of serious discussion and thinking before they post. Ill miss you.
July 21st, 2004  
Italian Guy
See you later Silver... sorry for this.
July 21st, 2004  
laterz silver
August 18th, 2004  
silent driller
We loves ya muchly... We'll go back to howlin' at the moon for ya

...For those of you that didn't get it...

August 18th, 2004  
Whoa, how could I miss this post! Sorry you're leaving, espesially because I think this forum needs people with your opinion. I'll miss you. Bye