Challenge Coins - Page 6

April 17th, 2008  
May 8th, 2012  
The one I have as my profile pic is my first and only challenge coin so far, but I'll be getting me quite a collection soon :P
It's a duplicate of the one I gave to my fiancée. Very simple front, but the bak is engraved with "hold this in your hand while I hold you in my heart - forever and a day"
We have a long distance relationship (even now before I leave for basic) and we both do coin checks with each other where we carry them around everywhere and text each other pictures of us holding them.
May 8th, 2012  
I've got a few. The two I treasure most are;

The first one I received back in 1995, from a US Army SF A-Team we worked with,

And the one I received from the CO of a USAF AeroMedical Evac squadron that I (and my team) provided close protection to in Iraq in 2005.
November 3rd, 2017  
If you're looking for a US based company, I recommend that is where I got my coins made for our local VFW, they came out fantastic and the staff was great to work with, very fast to respond.