Ceremony Honors Sub, Crew

Ceremony Honors Sub, Crew
April 16th, 2007  
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Topic: Ceremony Honors Sub, Crew

Ceremony Honors Sub, Crew
Boston Globe
April 16, 2007 Kittery, Maine

Forty-four years after it sank off Cape Cod, the USS Thresher and its crew were remembered at a ceremony Saturday near the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The nuclear sub sank during sea trials out of the yard on April 10, 1963, killing 129 men. A mechanical error caused the submarine to lose power, causing it to sink below crush depth in the Atlantic. On Saturday, Irene Harvey, widow of Captain John Harvey, the sub's commander, dropped a wreath into the Piscataqua River to remember the crew. To honor each man, a bell was rung as their photographs were displayed on a screen. "They are on eternal patrol," said Gary Hildreth, commander of the Thresher Base, during the memorial service at R.W. Traip Academy.

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