Carpenter dead ahead!

August 6th, 2004  

Topic: Carpenter dead ahead!

Since I was a small boy, I've always had two major goals to forfill.

1st.: Joining the US Marine Corps. (My biggest dream ever! )

2nd.: To become an educated Carpenter.

Last monday (02/08/04) I started my second goal, yes I started on my carpenters education. I'm very exited (reason why I'm writing this )
and I can't wait till in 3 years when I graduate.

This means I'll proberly not visit the forum as "much" as before.
So I hope you all won't miss me too much.. Hehe just kidding

Well, my education-plan is like this:

20-60 weeks (depending on skill): I'd have graduated 1st part.
20-60 weeks: 2nd part, working as a "student" for a carpenter firm.
20-60 weeks: 3rd and final part, I'll take the the final test, and pass hopefully. Earning me degree in "Building & Construction: Carpenter (Wood Family)

I'm like a little kid on the day before Christmas.

Worst part is that the College is around 20-30 km. away. (I'll get that in miles for you americans )

So I have to wake at 06:00 which is proberly nothing for you guys in service, but I'm a lazy teenager..

Take the train 06:55, arive 07:35, and go to my first class at 08:15.

Now you know that.. No reason really, I'm just proud, that I can say "I'm a Carpenter.." Hehe