Capture and Trade Strategy - Technical Term

June 4th, 2011  

Topic: Capture and Trade Strategy - Technical Term


I'm new on the forum and although I'm technically a civilian, I come from a family with a proud 9 generation tradition of military service.


What is the technical term for the strategy whereby the objective of a campaign is to capture territory one has no intention of keeping only to trade it later for your territory which has already been captured by the enemy.


I was reading about the Polish campaign to capture Kiev in 1920 led by Piłsudski. The Russian side often claims this to be proof of Polish hegemony but the Polish view is usually presented such that Kiev was not interesting for the Poles to keep but to trade for areas taken by Russia during the Polish Partitions of 1795 but not returned to Poland after its reconstitution in 1918.

Thanks for your input.