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capital punishment
April 29th, 2005  
capital punishment
Originally Posted by staurofilakes
The problem I see with dead penalty is this: Can we say with 100% guarantee that somebody is guilty? Not in all cases...
I understand your possition....there is too many crap out there.
Just one question: Is there a big diference in US concerning the number of crimes btw states with and without dead penalty??
hes right. with the current DNA analysis methods many on death row have been proved innocent. whose to say later on there wont be any new technology that will prove others innocent. so to say that we are 100% sure that a person is guilty is far from the truth. the way i see it they should either completely outlaw it or bring back the guillotine and do executions at the moment of conviction. the average time on death row in America is 30 years.
April 29th, 2005  
The problem I see with dead penalty is this: Can we say with 100% guarantee that somebody is guilty? Not in all cases...

I've been involved in three cases where the Death Penalty was dicussed as an option prior to the case going to trial. One was an execution style murder of a college student by a spurned wannabe lover. One was the bludgeoning death / rape of a mother of 2 for a grand total of $6.25 that was in the candy dish on her coffee table by a career criminal /crackhead who had kicked in her door. And the last a Rape Murder of a woman by an former boyfriend.

All 3 cases were slam dunks as far as evidence we had them on the scene, we had trace, we had DNA in two of the cases. The DA chose to go after the Life with no possibilty of parole sentence. Why? You go after what the Jury is most likely to give you and even then some times you lose.

Case1: The killer was a 20 year old the jury gave him 25 to life and he's eligable for parole at 15 years. They couldn't bear to put a kid away forever.
Case2 ; The Scumbag got Life W/O 35 year old career Criminal they hammered him.

Case3: 22 Year old killer got off on a second degree murder charge (Age Factor Again) sentenced to 5 to 25 . Released pending a appeal. Killed in a drive by shooting in a turf war over Drug turf,( did I mention he was a Gang Member and drug dealer ) Justice is funny sometimes.

Do I think they deserved the Death Penalty? Yes. I saw the scenes. I saw how the crimes effected the victims families. I saw how they showed little remorse to no remorse for their actions. They blamed society for their actions for not caring for them. But it wasn't up to me so I live with it.

Another point is this. When you hear a DA talk about "going for the death penalty" Remember this. When the Scumbag is facing the needle it's easier to get him in a plea bargin for life without.