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November 24th, 2008  
Cdt Matteo

Topic: Canadian MP

Lately I've been thinking, what's it like to be an MP. It's not that I want to be one, maybe, however I've been hearing things from our MP guys at the Armoury and MP is starting to sound like a not so bad job.

I want to know, what's the job like? I've looked at Wiki and CF website but I want some first hand experience info.


C/Cpl. Matteo
November 25th, 2008  
The Canadian MP assure the security in CFB such CFB Bagotville for exemple. Right now i think 200 MPs are deployed in Afghanistan with RCMP for Kandahar security and trained Afghan police/army.

November 25th, 2008  
Cdt Matteo
The perform base security, seems like a good job to me.

Over the year I've changed my mind many times on what trade I want to do (Armour, Infantry, Combat Engineer, possibly MP) in a couple of years, however I've pretty much decided on Armour simply because I wear the RCD cap badge at my Corps and I want to continue to wear it proudly. That and because Armour is my passion in life, I love everything to do with Armour.

To add to this I'm going on an FTX Dec 5,6,7 with my corps (2332) to CFB Pettawa. I'll take pictures.


C/Cpl. Matteo
November 25th, 2008  
They're a waste of space. They don't perform base security, they sit in their air con offices, drive around a bit in their air con cars and tell people to tuck in their shirts and **** like that. Then when a government official comes or something they like to act as if they're the secret service and the threat is massive, even though they're in a base. So yeah, bunch of ******s. Even had 2 MP's come to us earlier in the year saying they were trying to kick out all the power trip ********s and start helping out the soldiers, not ****ing on them because they finally realised everyone hates them. They're not even allowed into the battalion area until the RSM says so.
November 26th, 2008  
@Cdt Matteo

In canadian Forces you right "Infantry 031" and if army need people for logistic after your basic training you can be transfered in logistic for 3 years in the worst job ever in canadian forces. go in and search in Job Explorer for "hot job" , if you want to be a "MP" you need your college and you need to be strong...very strong. But in "hot job" if you want joining the regular forces they really need people for field artillery (soldiers not officier). So it's very sure when you join the canadian forces and you right for your first choice and second Infantry 031 you will be accepted in Valcartier (Quebec) for your first training and after that in Gagetown (new-brunswick) and after that you have 4 or 5 principale artillery regiment around Canada and maybe 50 reserve base.
November 26th, 2008  

Canadian MP use different kind of vehicle :
- Dodge Durango
- Chevrolet Silverado
- Chevrolet Impala
- Chevrolet Tahoe
- Mercedes-Benz G-wagon (Only for conflict or peacekeeping mission)
- Ford Police Interceptor
- Ford Expedition
- Bombardier Outlander MAX XT
- Patrol Boat
- Bombardier Ski-Doo

The militia has always been the nucleus of the Canadian Army.

The Canadian Reserve Military Police have undergone extensive change over the last three years. The Military Police (MP) platoons that used to be housed with the Service Battalions have now departed and formed Military Police Companies (MP COY) throughout Canada. Currently, only the MP PL's in Quebec have not been formed into a Company.

The first MP COY to be formed was 30 Military Police Company located in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. This Company has stood-up a platoon in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Land Force Western Area formed 15 Military Police Company in 2002. The Company consists of three platoons, one detachment and a headquarters. The actual breakdown consists of the following units: 12 MP PL (Vancouver with a detachment in Victoria), 13 MP PL (Winnipeg), 14 MP PL (Calgary) and HQ located at CFB Edmonton.

Land Force Central Area formed 2 Military Police Company in the fall of 2003. The Company consists of three platoons: 31 MP PL (London), 32 MP PL (Toronto) and 33 MP PL (Ottawa).

51 & 55 PPM - LFQA

This information is to be confirmed but it would appear that LFQA MP platoons new Company will be designated 4 MP COY. I do not have enough space on this free geocities site to include 4 MP COY currently.

At the end of 1948 there was at least one Militia Provost Company in each of the five Army Commands. From this time period to present day not much has really changed. The militia provost was paid the equivalent rate as the Regular Army, on the basis of one half day's pay for each militia drill, duty or training parade attended with the unit. Militia Provost were issued the basic kit and clothing.

Summer Training was created to do large scale concentrations and training. An example of summer training would be an emphasis on training and qualifying Junior and Senior NCOs for that particular summer. The new provost members were given a course in basic provost subjects such as map using, road reconnaissance, traffic control and route signing. Officers and NCO's already qualified were attached to local Regular Force Provost Units or given appointments within the Camp organization to practice them in administrative tasks.

March 1949 - 8 newly formed Reserve Provost Companies exceeded that of the Regular Force units - 342 to 280 all ranks.

Just as in the present obtaining jeeps and motorcycles was sometimes difficult since these vehicles were not always available. Also some members of the Reserve Provost were Policeman with Municipal police forces. Thus allowing for some interesting training just as today. Although in LFCA there is a directive that this is a forbidden practice but is readily ignored by the Reserve MP organizations and cross training continues today.

During the reorganization of the Militia in 1966 the Provost Companies were disolved and the MP Platoons were placed in with the Service Battalion. The Provost was renamed to the Security Branch and by 1968 the Provost ceased to exist.

In 1971 the Regular Force MP units left the Service Battalions to be established as independent units.

1994 - The primary role of the Reserves is the augmentation, sustainment and support of deployed forces. The function of the Primary Reserve MP although less comprehensive than that of the Regular Force MP, includes: the provision of security and custodial services in both operational and non-operational theatres and on CF establishments; the protection of personnel, information and material against subversion, sabotage, espionage, terrorism and other forms of threat; the enforcement of discipline; the control and documentation of POWs; refugee and straggler control; rear area security; and NBC monitoring and traffic control in support of field operations. The Res MP must be capable of augmenting, supporting and completing all tasks performed to the same standard as the Reg MP.

April 1997 - The Canadian Army was restructured again allowing the Reserve Military Police Platoons to become independent units operating in support of the Brigades.


After completing Basic training the Reserve MP is qualified to attend the Military Police QL 3 at the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy (CFMPA) at CFB Borden. The Reserve MP course contains some of the following subject matter:
Laws of armed conflict / Regulations pertaining to Prisoners of War & detainees / control & process stragglers & refugees
Battlecraft / map & compass / platoon support weapons C6 - C9 / communications
Route reconnaissance / route signing
Traffic control (garrison & operational) / roadblocks
Enforce military statutes & regulations / protect a crime scene / ISDRS & DCAARS
Organization & role of the MP / MP policies / MP service mandate
MP notebook / daily occurence book / other sundry duties.

After successful completion of QL 3 the MP is then able to take the QL 5 course the following summer at CFMPA. The QL 5 is particularly beneficial to the reservist whom wishes to be employed at a Regular Force Garrison Detachment. This course enables the reservist to work in the Security Operations Section within the Detachment, as this position does not need to be staffed by a "peace officer". The QL 5 subject matter encompasses the following:
Operations security / threats & countermeasures / physical security
Security violation report / security awareness program / security surveys / threat assessments
Reliability check / security clearance / personnel security / document security
Computer security - security infractions, breaches or malicious software, conduct an office security check and virus incident handling procedures.

Reserve Military Police NCMs and Officers are being deployed more then ever before. These volunteers take up to a year off from their civilian employment to help augment the Regular Force MP's in such operational theatres as Afghanistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
November 29th, 2008  
noooooo! go armor. MPs are ******s
November 29th, 2008  
Cdt Matteo
My Army Cadet cap badge is that of the Royal Canadian Dragoons. For a while I wanted to go Infantry, but I've chosen Armour. I want to continue to wear that same cap badge, and because Armour kicks arse. I'd love to be in one of those Leo 2A6s or C2s, but I'll be stuck in a Coyote or LAV considering that I'm joining the Royal Canadian Dragoons. Armour all the way.
November 30th, 2008  
MPs are standing around and let the cars enter the base with ID. In the Armour, you gonna ride, bumpy, and loud boom. Basically....
November 30th, 2008  
I thought you were going to be a proper MP were they all get rich like a Member of Parliament.

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