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March 20th, 2005  

Topic: Hmmm...

I believe proper apologies towards war crime are needed in order for the victimized countries to forgive. If not, there is an anger that will never go away, soon or later, it will surface.

WWII Japan invasion of China:
It was not just a war for natural resources and strategic maneuver. It was a war of declaring supremacy. You can find plenty of atrocities agaisnt Chinese by Japanese soldiers on the web. if you want to know more, please read "RAPE of NANKING". Now, Nanking was not the only city got raped and burned, think about other cities and villages.

Well, Germany apologized. It is teaching the youth with unbiased history books. However, Japan didn't. It tried to change its history books to display Japan was the victim of war. It tried to state that Japan was the liberator of all Asian countries from Western domination, so, killings were justified. So, please tell me how can Chinese forgive Japan when truth is twisted.

Red_Army, the HK people were not really political throughout the years, business and wealth are the king of the kings, anything else are secondary. Furthermore, I bet not many HK kids and adults can share lot of political and historical views like members on this board. Politics were not HK's strong arena until British departure. Maybe, HK general public a bit numb towards History? Maybe HK never went through Rape of Nanking and alike experience because of strategic and financial values towards Japanese during WWII (sea ports)?

Taiwanese Government forgave Japan in a way because the strategic value Japan holds (balance out China's influence).

Here is an article maybe yall find interesting.
March 20th, 2005  
no repent, no majority welcome from chinese , thats prety basic, pretty fair as well
March 30th, 2005  
Dark Ventrue
To forgive is to never do the same thing again.
I don't think there is a country in this world that haven't been formed without fighting another tribe, country you name it.
A lot of bad things happen but we have to learn never to do them again.

We can't walk around be afraid that germany will start WW3 because they lost the 1st and 2nd.
In WARS a lot of nasty things happen some so inhuman that they should have arrested and tried the master minds of the plans.

We as humans has to make sure we don't repeat what our already dead ancestors did.
Perhaps we should change some LAWS so you can't sue anyone for a crime 200 years ago that is just incredible.
March 30th, 2005  
Italian Guy
Yeah I agree with Dark Ventrue on this. Theres nothing like forgiving in International arena.
March 30th, 2005  
March 30th, 2005  

Topic: Wait...

Do you forgive someone if they trying to justify and glorify the invasion with lies like "liberation from the west" at the present time?

So, what you suggest to the Jews to forgive Germany if German government elected to justify WWII as a liberation movement at the present time. Do you suggest the Jews to fogive if present German goverment tried to change its history recordings about WWII.

Oh, the Europeans got the right outcome but the Asians have to be men of big hearts eventhough the aggressor spewing out all kind of lies and justification for the past crime AT THE PRESENT TIME?
March 30th, 2005  
My personal opinion is that as long as there are people on this Earth there will be wrongs remembered. Many times it is convenient for a group to remember the wrongs committed against them in the past. It has a tendency of removing their responsibility for their current condition.
In that way it is used a kind of crutch. "So-and-so did this to our ancestors so that's why we behave this way" Other times past wrongs are remembered for National pride or at least a reason for National Unity - many Scots I have spoken to regard Culloden as a national calamity imposed on them by the British (they of course ignore the fact that there were as many Scots fighting against the forces of Prince Charlie as British on the field, or some simply don't know the history).

There are some sins of history that in my opinion cannot ever be forgiven.
Some sins are so great that repayment simply cannot be made. Slavery was one of these sins. Another is the destruction of the Native Americans but the US. Both of these sins can never be atoned for, nor can they ever be repaid. They can only be learned from so that steps may be taken to assure they will never occur again.