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January 28th, 2005  
I got it. Thanks for your explain. The conflict continued for a lot of years, it is not easy to stop. To have a buffer area is unrealistic. Perhaps the people may pick a psychogenic buffer instead. How about U.N.? But due to some reasons, some Israelite people don't trust U.N.. That's a problem.
January 28th, 2005  
it seems hypocritical that one terrorist group tells other other terrorist groups to stop it.
that said, it does seem that the PLO does seem to be pushing itself as a legitimate political group, which is a step in the right direction i guess.
it seems since the death of arafat, the PLO seems to be a bit more sincere in their move for an end ot violence, or at least thats what iv seen in our media
January 28th, 2005  
Well, that depends who in the PLO. The PLO is a huge organization. It has several "Arms" and "Regiments". In the field many of the gunman take orders only from their own commander. Its a big mess right now. I do agree that Abu-Mazen is trying to stop the violence, and making steps towards that. Non the less, dont be mistaken, the PLO is, and always was, a terror group. I do not see any thing wrong with gurrila attacks on the military, those are legitimate acts of war, but when the PLO aatacks civilians, than they are a terror group.