Can i join the military after a stint of voluntary inpatient rehab

March 15th, 2015  

Topic: Can i join the military after a stint of voluntary inpatient rehab

I'm looking to join the Marines and decided to ask here, because i haven't gotten contact from a USMC recruiter i called last night.

I did a 30 Day stint in rehab as a voluntary entry because my life was spiraling out of control too fast and i wanted to fix myself before it was too late.

I'm 24 years old have been clean of all drugs and alcohol for 37 days now and i have no criminal record or drug charges whatsoever. Not even a parking ticket.

My question is, am i automatically disqualified from enlisting into the delayed entry program for all branches of the military? More specifically, the Marines?

If so, could i get a waiver considering it was a voluntary stint and i have no charges?

Thanks you for taking the time reading this.
July 27th, 2015  
Your voluntary enrollment would not be a disqualification from enlisting in the USMC. The only place you may run in to problems is security clearances and having more qualified recruits coming in the door to enlist. Make sure you are honest with your recruiter about why to went to rehab and be prepared to make a written statement.

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