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Can A Good Muslim Be A Good American ?
October 27th, 2006  
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Can A Good Muslim Be A Good American ?
Originally Posted by bulldogg
Re-read my last post, read the quotes and then click on the links and read the articles.

Your agenda is showing.
You can't say that!!!! They are telling us we have a one track mind and cannot understand why we don't accept the peace loving muslim sect.
October 27th, 2006  
Removed by admin! Let it go the both of you, i think it stops becoming a viable thread if you start bickering like teenage girls.
October 27th, 2006  
dude senior, i respect that prince should not have so bluntly called you ignorant (which though i disagree with you, i dont think you are). that said you dont have to be rude to everyone who doesnt agree with you. you are free to hold whatever prejudices you might have, we all do to some extent, but to try and justfy sweeping generalisations about the second largest religious group in the world, and getting angry at people who find that ludicrous is getting a little carried away.

and in reference to a reply you had made to my earlier post, YOU are the one with a vendetta, so why dont YOU take yur vendetta and shove it?

like i said, you might have a personal reason to hate a certain group- thats your deal. while its probably natural to b outraged at someone who doesnt find that group as repulsive, you should have the maturity and control it publicly.
Can A Good Muslim Be A Good American ?
October 27th, 2006  
Thread locked, and I shouldn't have to say why!

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