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October 20th, 2004  
Before we start talking about this,lets do some revision on this history raftly :

North Korea invade South, when it almost end, USA went in to help. Later, when USA almost win it, China involve in.

haha,Very raftly. But from this situation we know that. China never ever wanted to be any "Big Brother" or wanted the communist influence to be eleborated. It's they did, they should have help North Korea from the early war.

China's main pupose is to prevent any dominance and influense from USA directly to the China mainland. If north Korea did win it. USA can establish the military camp,or some information centre. Sending spies and satelite scanning....... and blablablablabla. In order make this never happen,, CHina only choise is to aid North Korea. As the result, China sacrifice 700 thousands soldiers in Korean War and Korea devided into 2.

Many Western writers biased the favour, and with the intend trying to make China into an evil side. They claim that China wanted to be Big Brother of Asia once again and many unreasonable opinions. This is unfair to China.

I alwayz support Korea to unite again. But in the condition that USA must not employ any information centre in North Korea in order to steal Information from China. The best, USA retreat from Korea. land. But won't be hurt if they employ military camp some island near South Korea.

China never against this unite plan. For me, the main contradict point is by the Koreans their selves, Wanted to unite but didnot want to abondon their Political systems.



Why? the reason is simple. Japanese r most crazy dogs in the WW II,who rape,kill, virus testing, look down at all the Asia regions. China and Korea got the most destruction by that. And Japanese act of worshiping Yasukuni War Shrine endlessly provoke the anger of Korean and Chinese. Korean once even ban all the Japanese product from importing into Korea. And some of the Korean,after the worshiping incident, went before Japanese embassy and cut off their fingers.

China-Korea conflict, I suppose never happen. But recently that's a conflict point,where China and Korea in debate for the "Gogurgy(I knew in Chinese,not sure of English) Civilisation", whether belongs to China or Koreans...........which the Korean decided to Boycott Beijing Olympic 2008 as the reaction to China.


Don't u know in Korea-Japan 2002. Anything happened between 2 nations?

The 2 nations main industry company fighting each other by showing who have what kind of technology to be built in the stadiums

The 2 nations even debate for whose name writen first on the Logo. Becoz of this Korean change their alphabte to "Corea",so that they were infront of Japan word.

And many more,this is only a part of their story . Nice huh?


Japanese r the most cunning stupid race I ever know in my days.

Appointing to the Asian Cup incident. The Japanese even wanted Chinese Governemnt to censor the Nanzing Massacre and all those evil-Japanese stuff (WWII)in their history text book.

The Japanese media also demonize the Chinese by eleborating the story that. Chinese blablbalbalbla, how they beat the journalist...............

U call this freindly?

U know when u say "This is older genration stuff", this is totally irresponsible. What makes u say so?reason is simple : 1. u r not asians 2. u been blurred by the Japanese culture (comics,fashions,entertainment). I hope Nazi did all this to u European and without any apologys, I wanna see what u Europeans world will do if German did not admit their false doing.


Plus, when u see what their Government did, u definately want to Gnash them with teeth.

In their history text book :
1.Korea-Japan united
2.Japanese r heroes,they expel the western ppl from the Asia region
3.They only "entry into China"
4. No Nanjing massacre.

Recently Koizumi and with 79 Politicians went to Yasukuni War Shrine to worship their old soldiers. Koizumi reply to China and Korea was :" Why should I obey what the Chinese and Korea say? We Japanese HAVE OUR RIGHT TO RESPECT OUR OLD HEROES IN OUR OWN WAY."

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October 20th, 2004  
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October 20th, 2004  
Koreans like Japan, interesting.

What's the Korean text there?
October 21st, 2004  
A Can of Man
Well the animosity with Japan is still there with the older generations. Some have suffered directly under them, others, it was their parents. I'm with the 3rd generation and things are changing.
On history, yes, none of us like Japan. On the present, a big bunch of us prefer Japan over China.
The text... it's very scrunchy but I can make out some:
"Stop this one prime minister's worshipping of the Yakuza"
"Don't sell Japanese goods."
The others are a bit too scrunchy for me to make any sense of them.
October 21st, 2004  
North Korea is not going to unite unless it's to be the future head of the two 'united' Koreas.

But I think South Korea is not as prepared as the North (which reports say NK have massive underground bunkers and city). If NK attacks thhe south, it's going to be very massive and rapid... nothing like the 1st Korean war in the '50s.

There are not enough US troops stationed in South Korea in case of such NK attacks. And the US presence is more symbolic and for deterence rather than actual defensive force.
All depends on South Korea to defend itself.
October 21st, 2004  
A Can of Man
South Korea's got enough assets to defend itself against North Korea. People only read the numbers involved with North Korea, not remembering that those tanks and jets don't maintain, move and fight by themselves by drawing water out of the soil and taking in sunlight.
We've gone over the topic on what South Korea has that is never mentioned in most articles.
If North Korea invades, it'll be the youth and some mid aged civilians of SK who will be caught totally off guard.
South Korea's military will do a pretty fine job.
The vast majority of North Korea's troops aren't in good shape. Their Special Ops teams are superb but no one knows just how many there are that are top class and how many there are just to make the unit look real big.
But that's a different topic.
Also calling up reserves, South Korea will have in its posession an additional 1.5 million men armed along with their standing Army.
October 21st, 2004  
That's pretty impressive for the South Korean military.

The Pacific region do need stability. And a lot will depend on the military power of South Korea to deter any invasion from the north.

The dictatorship regime of NK shouldn't jeopardize peace in the Korean peninsula or in the Pacific.

I wonder if North Koreans are happy people?
October 21st, 2004  
A Can of Man
North Koreans can barely feed themselves. A good day is a day they don't starve to death. Right now they're getting by on whatever small production they can make and what aid foreign groups send them.
We must still assume though that they will fight to the death for Kim Jong-il because who knows what they're taught.
Being happy is hardly a priority up north.
October 21st, 2004  
China - isn't it amazing how criticial they are to the equation? They have the power (if they choose) to strongarm North Korea into negotiating a peaceful reunification with the South. They could make it happen faster than anyone dares dream. They also have the power to string the current situation along almost indefinitely. They seem to push for the status quo though there is no obvious reason for doing so except paranoia.

The North Korean people are suffering thanks to their beloved madman leader. The standard of living for North Korea is pathetic compared to South Korea --- and South Korea made themselves that way. North Korea clings to a failed system and hopeless dreams of conquest wihile its poor brainwashed people starve and die. Its incredibly sad.
October 21st, 2004  
A Can of Man
Of course it's sad.
But yes, China's security is one reason why there's going to be a North Korea. The Chinese don't want to share a border with an American ally. Even if Kim Jong-il's regime falls, North Korea may be maintained by being given a puppet leader friendly to China.