Can Bush make a clear order in a war?

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August 6th, 2004  

Topic: Can Bush make a clear order in a war?

I heard the latest speach from Bush today....
"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

And I read a short paper from somewhere on the web:


In American English, a Bushism is a word or phrase unique to the style of
President George W. Bush while speaking publicly and usually extemporaneously.

While any public figure speaking in so many venues over time is prone to
unflattering errors, Bush's regular use of unusual grammatical construction
has some common characteristics that have given him a hallmark style:

1. adding agentive endings to words not usually accustomed to such treatment,
such as suiciders, game changer, evil doer and truth teller
2. splicing words together in unusual combinations, such as misunderestimated
3. not making words in a sentence agree, such as "We had a chance to visit
with Teresa Nelson who's a parent, and a mom or a dad"

Quotes from Bush's speeches that create a strong impression of President's
stupidity and incompetence are also called Bushisms. Many quotes include
gross misconceptions about geography, history, political process and the
world in general, but there is no easy way to tell how many of them
reflect Bush's knowledge and opinions and how many are just results of
his poor verbal skills.

Now, my question is: can Bush make a clear order in a war time, if he says "When terrorist nuke America, so do we", and if the generals did as he said, who shall go to military court? sounds funny, but it is serious. any opinion?
August 6th, 2004  
I quote the Murphy's Law Of Combat "Any Order That Can Be Misunderstood, Will Be"

However, on a serious note, I beleive that Bush can and will make decisions, now whether these are the correct decisions is up for debate. But I think that Bush is certainly capable of being descisive and getting the forces on the move.

As for whether can give a morally sound, informed, intelligent decision, I beleive he can, but Bush (in my opinion) is short sighted and arrogant, both of which clouds his judgement during times when he needs it to be crystal clear.
August 11th, 2004  
I don't think it matters. He doesn't give direct orders to the military that have to be obeyed on the spot. He's not a very good speaker, but I think there's enough people who check his orders before they are obeyed, so I don't see a problem. 8)
August 11th, 2004  
silent driller
This looks like one I lost. Anyway, I'll be more civil this time. When Bush went to Afghanistan, he was after the Taliban and Al Quieda. He destroyed the Taliban and is in the process of destroying Al Quieda. Seems clear enough to me. When Bush went to Iraq, he was after Saddam & Company. He has caught Saddam and killed Company(the two sons). And now he is trying to restore order in the region. I see no mud here either. Now this is a little bu ' Kerry that can't tell his ass from his elbow. He can't seem to make a clear decision about anything. Look at all the flip flops.

...As for the speech about finding new ways to do ourselves in, it was a JOKE! Granted, it was a lame one, the Democrats took it the wrong way, just like the Republicans took it way too seriously when Howard Dean made the comment about representing "the guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks." Everyone says stupid stuff. It's what separates us from the animals