Camp X-Ray: Media Bais at its Best

Camp X-Ray: Media Bais at its Best
February 10th, 2006  

Topic: Camp X-Ray: Media Bais at its Best

Camp X-Ray: Media Bais at its Best
Without fail, everytime a news story pops up about the detainees at Gitmo, we get treated to footage of orange jumpsuited guys inside open air cyclone fence pens. This is camp X-Ray. Problem is that X-Ray has been closed for almost 3 years now. This link also has pics of Camp Delta, where the detainees are currently housed.

Here's a link to what Camp X-Ray looks like today (Yes I know Rusty Humphries is a rightwing talk show host, but he seem's to be the only one who has pics up of what X-Ray looks like today):

Now without running off topic (like turning this into a debate about the legality of holding detainees), anyone wish to take a shot at why the "news" media continues to use old footage of a camp that's been closed for almost 3 years for any story they run about Gitmo?

Before you start, the following arguments are dead-

"Nobody has been down there since to take new pictures" Considering the number of politicians and celebrities that have been down there the last couple of years, it's pretty hard to believe that at least one outlet hasn't tagged along.

"The Military doesn't let anyone take pictures of the Camp"
If I remember the rules correctly, pictures can be taken of the Camp and facilities, but photos that show detainees faces are forbidden.

"The Military doesn't let anyone visit the camp"
Except Politicians, Celebrities, Reporters, and Talk Show Hosts among others.

"Camp Delta is No better than X-Ray so it doesn't matter"
Except for the running water, walls, roofs, and Medical Center among other things.

The above excuses were the 4 most used by media outlets that I contacted about this subject. When I countered the excuse with the above mentioned arguments, I was told that it would be looked into, and they would get back to me. I didn't expect to ever hear from them again, and so far I am right.

So, back to the original question.

Why does the media continue to use the 3+ years old footage of a place that isn't being used anymore?
February 10th, 2006  
Originally Posted by Forrest_Gump
Why does the media continue to use the 3+ years old footage of a place that isn't being used anymore?
Well, we can go two ways with this.

A) The media has an agenda. "Say it ain't so?" And they are intentionally publishing photos of the now closed camp because they know the majority of the public will swallow anything they feed them without questioning the accuracy.

B) The media are idiots. Almost anything they print about the military is incorrect, from the terminology to the units and their purpose. I've seen reports where they call 3ID "elite Paratroopers" and tag Air Force PJs as "Coast Guard rescuemen". They wouldn't know a camp, fort, base, etc if it smacked them in the face. HMMWVs are supposed to be tanks and tanks are those weird things on funny looking wheels with a big pole in the front.

Personally, I think it is a mixture of the two, but in this specific case a little more of A than B. It's no huge surprise that the media has been against holding detainees at GITMO since the beginning, and it is also no surprise that they'll do anything to take a chunky bite out of the DoD and USG, regardless of what they have bend, slant and invent to "get 'er done."
February 11th, 2006  
PJ24 has about summed it up for me.
The media is more interestred in getting a good "sound bite" than telling the truth.
Camp X-Ray: Media Bais at its Best