Call Of Duty Game

September 19th, 2007  

Topic: Call Of Duty Game

Well, to all of you veterans of WWII, I salute you, in what you did and,
being that we have a free country to live in, how much we DO appreciate
what you did.
Now, I have been playing the GAME, Call Of Duty, for some time, and can
get a very small idea of what you guys went thru, although, it is a very
small comparison. I would like to welcome all of you to visit my site,, where I am growing this world for the call of
duty game. My goal is to present a better understanding about what took
place during WWII. I have just recently started this site, and would
welcome any idea's that you might have to give a better understanding to
people. The game is an awesome game, in terms of trying to re-enact
what took place and the graphics are amazing, as far as a computer
game. Come an visit us and you will see what I mean.

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