Cadet Staff, and Senior Cadet Enlisted

May 9th, 2009  

Topic: Cadet Staff, and Senior Cadet Enlisted

Yesterday I went to the beautiful muddy waters of the beaches of the Peach State on a hot spring day, needless to say, I am crisped, burned pretty bad...

But sitting around all day, well that got me thinking on the situation of my NJROTC unit, last week we held our awards night, and the changing to the new staff. I passed up all aspirations to a officer position to take on a troubled position in need of some renovation. That is the C/ Command Master Chief billet, there is only one in our unit, and it the highest enlisted rate in our program. Also I kinda had a calling to it, now I am the first in my unit's 13 year history to go from cadet E1, to cadet E 9 without skipping any rate. Almost half of that time I was a E 7/E 8.

I shook off a PC position and risked a team leader position in order to attempt the put some worth back in my unit's senior enlisted ratings. After being a C/E 7 for almost a solid year, and a leadership academy graduate, I saw and slugged through my unit's issues with what to do with Senior Enlisted.

NOW, here is the kicker, I am trying to find what is the place of E 7s and above in any military unit, or the SNCO levels of non U.S. militaries. Basically our Chief's and Senior Chiefs didn't really have a place this year, talent?, o yea , most of them drill team members or leadership graduates like myself, but unfortunately only called upon or recognized when something hits the fan. Also, we (my unit) are a small company in strength, and there we some instances were E 7 was handed out as a pity promotion or just as a holding rate until a unqualified cadet, received the overlooked position of assistant PC.

But I asked and now take the problems listed above, what are the places for my Chiefs next year? How do I use them to make things run smoother, I have already told the new C/CO, and C/XO that I am their right hand man, they make the declarations and I execute them on the company level. But mostly, and I think the hardest thing I am facing, is how do I make my chiefs useful? And what are SNCOs good at doing, and how do I implement them in the most effective way to get things done in a chain of command? How many of them should I have in a company.

I have already taken steps to make all chiefs stay in touch with me, and to ride them a little stricter to make them be, well basically really good examples to junior cadets. But also I am really going to try and push them into the chain of command, kinda as the executers of the core staff's orders.

So if you are still reading (much gratitude to you) then state what you know about SNCOs, and if you are/were one, or a officer in charge of enlisted either actual military or in a cadet organization, then please share your knowledge, this is just about the only website were I value its content, and I will read what you post.

Many thanks, Sukio.
May 12th, 2009  
We had a staff meeting yesterday and I have decided to start a Goat's Locker next year for all the E 7/8s, since the last wave of them are all staff members now, I will have to wait until Leadership cadets graduate this summer and come back next year.

I mean it's a start, not quite sure were to go next.