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View Poll Results :Should Americans be allowed to burn the flag in protest?
Yes, any cause. (i.e. Anti-Fur protestors) 5 10.20%
Yes, only if it is to protest government actions. 4 8.16%
No. 40 81.63%
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September 24th, 2004  
protesters have the right to burn the flag, but it shouldnt be done.
August 13th, 2005  
ill be damed if i know
no way this is only my view if you burn your countries flag it shows disloyalty which is dangerous and bluntly its treason
August 13th, 2005  
Charge 7
I'm with RnderSafe with this one as in most things. I am deeply troubled to see the flag burned in protest, fortunately those have been few times, but I would be more troubled to learn that doing so had been banned. No errosion of liberty should be tolerated - that includes the liberty to say and represent things we do not like or agree with. When all you hear is people agreeing with you, you aren't learning very much. Such a thing as banning the flag being burnt would be the first allowance of supressing those who disagree. That is a much more terrible thing than seeing the flag go up in flames. Aside from that, how would you regulate the official means of retiring an old and wornout or weather damaged flag? The rules call for burning it as that means. Would you then have to go get a special permit to retire your old flag?
August 14th, 2005  
There are rights and there are rights. Your right to swing your fist stops at the end of my nose. There is a right to speech depending what is in the speech. Inciting to riot is against the law, screaming fire in a crowd is against the law. Rights are tempered by responsible use of those rights. There are limits.
August 15th, 2005  
No matter what the protest you shouldnt be allowed to burn the flag of any country. Its a disgrace if you ask me. All your doing is dishonouring your country thus dishonouring yourself. Your only letting yourself down by showing the level you can stoop to, to make a point. All the ones that do this need a kick up the backside. Its a different story when its not your countries flag and the protest is for human rights
August 21st, 2005  
Personally speaking I would consider it insult to all those that died fighting for their country, and a cheap protest at their expense
August 11th, 2008  
August 11th, 2008  
No! A flag is a nation's most sacred treasure, a symbol of the people themselves. It should never be burned.
August 11th, 2008  
Exactly, wish anyone that burned an American flag had experience as my GIF posted.
August 13th, 2008  
Rob Henderson
^^^ As do I. I realize that the freedom of expression should never be taken away, but when our Founding Fathers gave us that freedom, I'm sure they assumed we would be reasonable about where the line was drawn between expression and downright rudeness.