Burma: The Longest War 1941-1945

March 4th, 2006  

Topic: Burma: The Longest War 1941-1945

Burma: The Longest War 1941-1945--------Louis Allen

This has probably got to be the most comprehensive book written about the Burma campaign, starting with the political unrest in Burma before the war started all the way to the Japanese forces surrender in 1945. The good thing about this book is that it has sources and accounts from all sides in the conflict, the author himself is a Japanese speaker, so the views and stories from both sides of the fighting. The book takes in everything from the British retreat from Rangoon, the battle of the Admin box, Imphal and Kohima, the first and later Windgate Chindit missions,the capture and siege of Meiktila and also the Chinease forces of Chang Kai Shek and Stillwell. A brilliant read about a Battlefield that had jungle war, Mauntain war, Desert war and Naval war, it saw the farthest westward advance of the Japanese army and it's greatest defeat on land it's army has ever known.